Authentic Portugal

7 October 2020 | 9 nights | W2028
Black Watch | Departs Liverpool

Liverpool - Lisbon (overnight) - Portimao - Leixoes (for Oporto) - Liverpool

Revel in the scenery of six different countries on this rewarding springtime escape, with chances to experience unforgettable canal cruising, explore gardens bursting with spring bloom, and much more.

You can enjoy a boat tour of Amsterdam’s iconic canals; see Copenhagen’s many attractions from the city’s waterways; ride a traditional ‘paddan’ boat in Gothenburg; and tour from Brevik to the unique, ‘staircase-style’ Telemark Canal.

After Amsterdam, which is also your gateway to the colourful, fragrant tulip gardens of Keukenhof, you’ll experience scenic cruising of the Nordzeekanaal and Germany’s size-restricted Kiel Canal too.