You Choose Your Cruise Med

11 November 2019 | 15 nights | W1926

Black Watch| Departs Liverpool

Liverpool - Liverpool

  • Every vote counts on this very special cruise, which offers you and your fellow, like-minded guests on board Black Watch an opportunity to create a unique itinerary of your own choosing.
  • You’ll have a selection beautiful islands and attraction-packed cities in Portugal and Spain to choose from – will you make the most of your chance to ‘steer your ship’ to a few of your favourite destinations, or perhaps places you’ve never visited before?
  • Decide between Portugal’s capital and second city, Lisbon and Oporto; the Andalusian delights of Cádiz and Malaga; beautiful Barcelona and historical Tarragona; the sun-kissed islands of Ibiza and Mallorca; ancient Cartagena and classical Alicante; and the Galician gems of Vigo and La Coruna