Spain, Portugal & Morocco

26 November 2019 | 11 nights | W1927

Black Watch| Departs Liverpool

Liverpool - Gibralta - Casablanca - Cadiz - Lisbon - Leixoes - Liverpool

  • You’re in for inspirational sights and cultural highlights galore, as Black Watch takes you to diverse destinations in Morocco, Spain and Portugal to reveal countless ‘must-visit’ attractions in a collection of magnificent cities.
  • After a relaxing sail south from Liverpool, enjoy five-consecutive days filled with highlights including interesting museums, ancient and architectural wonders, world-famous religious sites and much more besides.
  • You can climb the iconic rock in Gibraltar; marvel at Casablanca’s majestic Hassan II Mosque, or tour to magical Marrakech; enjoy traditional tapas in Cádiz, which is also your gateway to Jerez – ‘sherry capital of the world’; and uncover the monuments and landmarks of Lisbon and Oporto in Portugal.