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31 October

Scenic Scotland

18 March 2021 | 7 nights | Bolette

Dover, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Cruising by Fingal's Cave, Cruising by Dutchman's Cap, Cruising Sound of Mull, Cruising by Duart Castle, Belfast, Dover

Experience some of Scotland’s most outstanding scenic highlights, from on board Bolette and during time ashore, on this rewarding week-long break.

Relax and revel in the Sound of Mull’s tranquillity and countryside beauty; see the legendary Duart Castle; study the volcanic Dutchman’s Cap; and marvel at Fingal’s Cave’s mighty basalt stacks.

Explore ashore amongst the glorious landscapes of Scottish isles; seek-out the Shetland’s coastal scenes and native wildlife, and delve into the Neolithic heritage of the Orkneys.

Kirkwall, Scotland

Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands, resonates with ancient echoes of Christian, Nordic and Celtic history. It’s a town that feels more Scandinavian than Scottish; in fact, the name Kirkwall comes from the Norse for 'Church Bay', relating to the town's 11th century Church of St Olaf of Norway.

Exploring the town’s atmospheric paved streets and twisting lanes, reveals a number of highlights, including the ruins of the Earl and Bishop’s Palaces, dating from the mid-12th century and serving as a reminder of the Orkney's turbulent past. The palaces are considered by many to be the finest Renaissance buildings in Scotland. Also worth visiting is the recently restored St. Magnus Cathedral, founded in memory of Saint Magnus Erlendsson by Norseman Earl Rögnvald Kali.

Don't miss Tankerness House, a beautifully preserved 16th century townhouse, and the Orkney Wireless Museum, with it's fascinating insights into the history of radio, too.

Lerwick, Scotland

Lerwick is the friendly capital of the 100 islands and islets of the Shetland. The bustling, cosmopolitan seaport is the islands’ only town, and its wonderful natural harbour is a joy to explore.

Until the 1600s, Leir Vik – Norse for a muddy bay – was little more than a few huts. However, conflict between the British and Dutch, whose fishing fleet fished for herrings off the islands, led to the building of a permanent settlement. This included Fort Charlotte, which once overlooked the harbour but has now been enclosed by the town following land reclamation.

Despite the wealth created by North Sea oil, modern Lerwick retains many fascinating small shops and historic buildings. Wandering along atmospheric Commercial Street is a delight, and the Böd of Gremista – a “fishing booth” built in 1780, is now a fascinating museum. The ground floor has the salt store and the kitchen, where herrings were hung to dry. Outside the town are the well preserved remains of the Broch of Clickimin, a small Bronze-Age settlement excavated in the last century.

Cruising Fingal's Cave, Scotland

Similar to the famous, UNESCO-listed Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Fingal’s Cave is a beautiful basalt sea-cave with distinctive ‘columns’ and a remarkable symmetry that looks incredible as you cruise past.

Often, the cliffs, ledges and grassy slopes are smothered with native seabirds, including guillemots, razorbills, puffins and more, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a little birdwatching. Just make sure you have your binoculars to hand!

Cruising Dutchman's Cap (Bac Mor), Scotland

The Dutchman’s Cap or Bac Mor is one of a number of uninhabited archipelagos that form the Treshnish Isles near Mull and is one of the most striking and iconic Scottish islands.

The islands have been landmarks for travellers through the Hebrides for at least 1000 years. The names of some of the islands still reflect their importance to the Vikings who once ruled in the Hebrides. Bac Mor is an ancient volcano and the nickname Dutchman's Cap comes from its striking shape.

Cruising Sound of Mull, Scotland

Flowing between the Isle of Mull and the shores of Scotland, the Sound of Mull is a beautiful stretch of water that forms part of the Atlantic Ocean. As you sail through the sound on Fred. Olsen's new ship Bolette, you'll see some stunning natural landscapes and will truly appreciate the beauty of the British Isles.