Exploring in all-suite, all-verandah comfort, a mere 200 guests will be hosted by Crystal’s award-winning staff, attentive butlers, and team of expedition and destination experts. Prepare for unrivaled discovery.

Curated journeys offer intrepid adventure and extraordinary insight into fascinating destinations and intriguing cultures. Let your inner explorer guide you in choosing the the type of expedition that speaks to your own personal sense of adventure.

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Main Info
  • Children Not allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking Some
  • Style Luxury
  • Decks-
  • Cabins100
  • Size Boutique
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins-
  • Crew Members200
  • Launch Year2020
  • CurrencyUSD
Disabled Facilities

Crystal Yacht Cruises is dedicated to providing a comfortable cruise experience for all its guests. Crystal Yacht Cruises does not discriminate against any person on the basis of disability and shall make every effort to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. Guests acknowledge and understand that certain international, foreign or local safety requirements, standards, and/or applicable regulations involving design, construction or operation of the vessel, docks, gangways, anchorages or other facilities on or off the vessel may restrict access to facilities or activities for persons with mobility, communication or other impairments or special needs.

The staterooms and public spaces onboard the Crystal Yachts do not have any elevators and there is no elevator access to board the yachts as they were originally constructed. As a result, the Crystal Yachts may not be suitable for people relying solely on wheelchairs for transportation.

Going Ashore: Guests with disabilities should take note that not all ports are accessible. Gangways and port access vary greatly around the world and, in ports where the ship must anchor, guests are taken ashore tenders and/or ferries which may not be wheelchair accessible, as well as zodiacs, which are not wheelchair accessible.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, all guests must be fully mobile and able to exit the yachts safely. If guests are unable to meet the minimum safety requirements, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aids and/or services, Crystal Yacht Cruises may find it necessary to ask the guest to make alternative travel arrangements.

Age Restrictions

Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. In addition, if the adult accompanying the child is not a parent or legal guardian, the "Parental Consent Guardianship Form" must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and received by Crystal Yacht Cruises no later than 30 days prior to sailing.

Guests age 11 and under at the time of sailing must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older in the same stateroom. Parents can have two related children booked in the same suite provided one of them is at least 16 years of age and travelling in an adjacent room to parent/s or legal guardian/s. Infants 6-24 months of age who will be utilising a crib may travel as a third berth in either a double or triple stateroom.

Crystal Cruises also reserves the right to restrict the number of passengers less than three (3) years of age aboard the yacht. Third berth child rate will apply if accompanied by two-full fare adults. Crystal Cruises is unable to accommodate children less than six (6) months of age as the yacht’s medical facilities are not designed to provide services to very young children. Children occupying a double suite will be charged the adult rate regardless of age.

Dress Code

Aboard Crystal Yacht ships, dress code aboard is Crystal Yacht Casual.

In line with a relaxed yachting lifestyle and casual onboard ambience, guests should wear comfortable, stylish yachting attire appropriate for your activity. By day, this includes tasteful swimming attire, sandals and shorts (swimsuit cover-ups for women; casual short-sleeve shirts for men). By evening, fashionably stylish resort wear is appropriate. Capri pants, blouses, sundresses and sandals for women. Khaki pants, Bermuda shorts, short-sleeve button-down shirts and golf shirts for men.

There are bathrobes, kimonos and slippers in each stateroom/suite aboard all Crystal ships for your use during the cruise. For days in port or depending on your activity, be sure to bring comfortable walking/sports shoes. Check with your travel professional for special items you might want to pack for your destination and the time of year you are traveling.

Smoking Policy

Aboard all Crystal ships, smoking is allowed in a designated smoking areas only. Smoking is not allowed in public rooms, suites or any area that is not designated as a smoking area. Indoor smoking is permitted only in the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge (aboard Crystal Mozart, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony only) and upon request, in the VIP Casino (during play). Smoking is prohibited in all other indoor areas of the ship including all other public rooms, lounges, corridors and restaurants, as well as all staterooms, suites and verandahs. Please note, if smoke is detected in a stateroom or suite, a cleaning fee of $250 (subject to change) per incident will be billed to your account.

Cigarette smoking (includes Electronic cigarettes)

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity
  • Seahorse pool area, port side only
  • Promenade Deck, port side only

Cigar & Pipe smoking

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity

*(Any/all fees are subject to change at any time.)

Visitors On Board
Whenever conditions allow, visitors will be permitted on board. Requests may be made through the Guest Check-In/Priority Check-in and Planning Center (PCPC) portal by a guest with a valid booking number, or requested on board, through the ship’s Reception Desk. All requests and supporting information must be submitted through PCPC no later than seven (7) days prior to the intended visit day (or arrival into port, if requested while on board). The number and types of visitor allowed are capacity-controlled and subject to the security level at the port of call. Due to changing world conditions, Crystal Cruises may institute a no-visitor policy onboard its ships from time to time. This policy is subject to change, without notice, at any time.

For additional information regarding submission of guest visitor/s requests, please contact us via email, with subject/title "Visitors Request", and send to [email protected]

Internet / WiFi

Complimentary internet and Wi-Fi access is available on board throughout all Crystal ships. Crystal encourages you to bring your own device/s with you to use during your voyage. Once on board, please connect to Crystal's complimentary Wi-Fi. Certain applications (apps) available on personal phones and other devices are satellite dependent and thus subject to interrupted availability. All onboard internet traffic travels from the ship to a satellite before returning back to earth to load web pages. While onboard there is no local high-speed internet provider as you would have at home, so intermittent delays and interruptions may occur.

It is not possible to connect your laptop through the shipboard phone system directly to any phone number ashore. In an effort to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy free Wi-Fi services for the duration on their cruise, applications like Skype and certain streaming services are currently not available/supported by the Ship's Wi-Fi service. If your laptop has wireless capacities, you should be able to access the internet aboard all Crystal ships. 

Medical Facilities
Crystal Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises and Crystal Expedition Cruises sail with a professional medical staff on board to provide basic medical service/assistance; certain medications may also be available onboard for purchase at reasonable costs .  

Guests requiring ongoing medication, or having specific dietary needs, are advised to bring an ample supply of medication or dietary supplements with them in their carry-on luggage.

Requirements for inoculations often change. Crystal informs you of the health requirements; however, it is your responsibility to have all required vaccinations with a signed International Certificate of Vaccination. We recommend that you contact your personal physician with any health concerns. Failure to comply may result in refusal of passage by Customs and Immigration authorities.

International regulations require Crystal to maintain a list that identifies guests who may require special assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency. In addition, Crystal strives to make certain all guests receive the highest level of personalized service possible while on board. In order to meet both objectives, we ask for your cooperation in providing us with information regarding any special assistance that you may require. Guests who have existing medical conditions and who may require treatment by the ship’s medical staff (aboard Crystal Serenity or Crystal Symphony), or those who may require other types of special assistance due to a mobility disability, must contact Crystal Cruises Onboard Guest Services Department by fax 310-785-3975, email [email protected], or complete and return the Special Assistance form provided in the document package prior to departure.

Aboard Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Endeavor, Portable oxygen tanks and concentrators may be used on board. However, for safety reasons, Crystal’s Onboard Guest Services Department MUST be notified and a completed and approved Release and Indemnity Form received no later than 30 days in advance of the sailing. Liquid oxygen is prohibited on board due to safety concerns. A guest bringing his or her own oxygen equipment must make direct arrangements with an independent medical contractor who has agreed to undertake all required arrangements without involving the ship's onboard Medical Center and its personnel. For a list of approved vendors, please refer to the Onboard Accessibility Guide (available through our Onboard Guest Services Department). The oxygen-dependent guest should travel with a companion who is also completely familiar with the operation of the equipment. The guest is responsible to ensure that the equipment is off-loaded at the end of the cruise.

Oxygen-dependent guests are limited to those cruises on which they can be properly supported by equipment vendors and which have itineraries that will easily allow medical disembarkation if it should be required. The number of oxygen-dependent guests using portable equipment is very limited on any cruise. Requests for oxygen equipment for a specific cruise will be processed by Crystal Cruises’ Onboard Guest Services Department in the order of date received.

Please contact Crystal for use of the above equipment on Crystal River Cruises or Crystal Yacht Cruises voyages.

Laundry & Valet Services

Complete valet services are available including laundry, pressing and dry cleaning*. Services may be arranged through your Stateroom Attendant or your Penthouse Attendant or Butler. Valet charges are billed to your shipboard account. Pressing is complimentary to guests in categories CP, SP, SH, PS and PH. Complimentary self-service launderettes, including washing machines, detergent, fabric softener, dryers, irons and ironing boards are provided on board all Crystal ships.

*(Dry cleaning available on Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Endeavor only.)

Special Dietary Requests

If you require a special diet or need specific food items during your cruise, or if you have any food allergies, we ask that you kindly submit your written dietary requests to our Onboard Guest Services Department by fax to 310-785-3975, or by email to the appropriate Onboard Guest Services team (as noted below based on your cruise/ship) at least 90 days (3 months) prior to sailing. Please also confirm your arrangements with the Food & Beverage staff on the day of embarkation to ensure all is in order. Note, there may be a charge for some special requests, as well as any applicable shipping fees.

Please contact our Onboard Guest Services team with your special dietary requests at:

[email protected]

Environment & Sustainability

The PC-6 designated expedition ship boasts all-suite, butler-serviced accommodations, numerous Michelin-level dining venues, designated expedition areas including mud rooms and a helicopter lounge and a full serviced salon, spa and fitness centre. She is outfitted with a number of features that help her navigate the oceans and waterways of the world in the most responsible manner possible, including an electrically powered private submersible for deep-water explorations in select destinations.

Intelligently Integrated
Standard operating procedures aboard Crystal Endeavor revolve around a core philosophy of efficiency and sustainability that permeates every facet of the Crystal experience. Fleet-wide, Crystal aims to minimise its use of single-use plastics including a ban on plastic straws. Guests are provided with refillable drinking bottles to bring on their days' explorations. Eco-friendly water filtration systems replace bottled water in dining venues, with still and sparkling water created, filtered and bottled on board. 

Operating according to the standards of The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ships (MARPOL), Crystal Endeavor features several water treatment systems, including: a ballast treatment system, which treats water before it is discharged; a freshwater system that creates drinking water from seawater via osmosis; and a biological treatment system that cleans wastewater before it is discharged back into the sea, while sewage residues are discharged per international regulations ashore or into the sea. 

Subaquatic Sustainability
Some of Crystal Endeavor's most significantly conscious features are found beneath the waterline. Environmentally friendly lubricants are used for bow thrusters and stabilisers and all underwater paint is free of tributyl tin (TBT). The ship features a propulsion system including two Azipod D units and a diesel electric power plant. The system is designed specifically for ice-going service to reduce ships' life cycle costs and help it operate at optimum efficiency. The ship is also outfitted with offshore dynamic positioning capabilities, enabling the ship to remain in one place utilising GPS and its thrusters, rather than dropping anchor, avoiding any potential damage to delicate reefs. 

Crystal Endeavor is equipped with state-of-the-art underwater sonar technology from FarSounder, globally renowned experts in 3D FLS technology. The FarSounder 1000 series provides real-time 3D images of the terrain and activity along the ship's route up to 1,000 meters ahead of the vessel and to a depth of up to 50 meters, with a mapping range up to eight times the waters depth. Such vision enables Crystal Endeavor's captain and bridge officers to detect sea life far in advance and navigate appropriately. The technology also operates in shallower depths allowing safe navigation in unchartered waters, giving guests opportunities to experience rarely visited areas while leaving little to no trace on the environment. 

Expeditions designed with Care
The shore-side destination experiences in store for Crystal Endeavor guests are created to showcase the cultural, natural and historical treasures of this world. With calls to some of the world's most remote locales, many of which are rarely visited by travellers, it is paramount that are explorations have minimal impact on the surrounding environments and benefit the communities visited wherever possible. 

Crystal's destination experts and dedicated expedition guides have worked tirelessly to curate adventures that highlight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other global monuments and landscapes in the most reverent fashion. From exploration of the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and the photographer's paradise of the Paramushir and Atlasova Islands in the Russian Far East to Japan's Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center, adventures ashore inform and inspire travellers about the precious elements of the destinations and the importance of preserving them.

Polar Advocates
Crystal has been accepted as a new Provisional member into AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators), an international association for expedition cruise operators operating in the Arctic who support the organisation's vision of responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic. Crystal as also been longtime member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), a member organisation that advocates and promotes safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.

Deck Plans
Sunset Deck 10

  • Sun Deck
  • Promenade/ Jogging Track
  • Observation Deck

Deck 10.png
Horizon Deck 9
  • Crystal Live!
  • Expedition Lounge
  • Palm Court
  • The Pantry & Library
  • Outdoor Areas
Deck 9.png
Penthouse Deck 8

  • Captains Lounge
  • Helicopter Lounge
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Penthouse Suite

Deck 8.png
Seabreeze Deck 7

  • Expedition Penthouse
  • Owner's Suite
  • Deluxe Suite

Deck 7.png
Harmony Deck 6

  • Solarium Mezzanine
  • Passenger Area
  • Jacuzzi
  • Deluxe Suite

Deck 6.png
Seahorse Deck 5
  • Bistro
  • Crystal Life Fitness
  • Crystal Life Salon
  • Crystal Life Spa
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Medical Center
  • Reception
  • Solarium/Seahorse Pool
  • Marketplace
  • Deluxe Suite
Deck 5.png
Crystal Deck 4

  • Connoisseur Club
  • CrystalCove
  • Prego 
  • The Vintage Room
  • Resorts World at Sea Casino
  • Private Gaming
  • Umi Uma and Sushi Bar
  • Waterside

Deck 4.png
Marina Deck 3

  • Guest Laundry
  • Marina
  • Mud Rooms

Deck 3.png
Expedition Suite

Find yourself in awe of the unparalleled Expedition Suite, the largest and most lavish of all accommodations aboard Crystal Endeavor™. This exclusive enclave is a combination of the Expedition Penthouse and a Deluxe Suite, boasting two bedrooms, sumptuous living and dining areas, and a magnificent verandah painted with a continual stream of epic vistas.


The expansive living and dining area of this opulent suite features an ultra-thin HD TV, expansive wraparound verandah, separate powder room for guests and convenient heated storage for expedition gear. A welcoming home upon the sea.


Sophisticated and chic, two lavish bedrooms feature King-size beds or twins with Egyptian cotton linens, bedside iPad directories, interactive HD TVs with complimentary on-demand movies and music library, ambient lighting and temperature controls. 


Two en-suite, spa-like bathrooms featuring dual sinks, adjustable heated floors, anti-fog mirrors, glass-enclosed shower with steam, full Jacuzzis, and separate water closets with wash basin create plush retreats of relaxation. 


Extraordinary personal services provided by Crystal’s renowned European-trained butlers will ensure that every detail, large and small, is delivered seamlessly, and always with sincere pleasure in true Crystal style. 

Owner's Suite

The Owner’s Suite defies all expectations, inviting guests to indulge in plush comforts and pristine amenities. This two-bedroom suite is located starboard, featuring magnificent living and dining areas, the finest dressed king-size beds, and the most spacious of all onboard verandahs.


Unwind, entertain and share tales of exploration and adventure in the well-appointed living area with fine upholstered furnishings, expansive dining area, large OLED TV, and convenient desk/bar area with refrigerator.


Two deluxe en-suite bedrooms offer king-size bed or twins with fine Egyptian cotton linens, nightstands with USB outlets and iPad directories, direct access to the expansive, wraparound verandah, ambient lighting and temperature controls.


Sublime details of two deluxe baths include dual sinks, heated floors, double vanities with back-lit mirrors, and separate water closet with wash basin. The large Master bath includes soothing Jacuzzi tub, perfect for relaxing after a day of adventure.  


Every moment of your expedition experience is flawlessly synchronized to your own personal vision of luxury as you enjoy 24-hour, personalized butler service provided by an experienced team of dedicated professionals.  

Expedition Penthouse

Delve into elevated standards of luxury and space. Located port side, the Expedition Penthouse is a statement of ingenuity, featuring a separate bedroom, formal living and dining areas, guest half-bath, expansive verandah, high-tech amenities, and a butler’s prep station, offering guests a plush respite from a day of epic adventure.


Deluxe views complement the fine upholstered furnishings and elegant color palette of this magnificent Penthouse’s chic living and dining area. Custom shelving and bar amenities, a large OLED TV, and roomy dining area are perfect for entertaining.


A king-size bed or twins with integrated reading lights, nightstands with USB outlets, and lush modern furnishings are highlights of this spacious bedroom. Enjoy outstanding views and direct access to the magnificent wraparound verandah.


The luxurious and airy bath features dual sinks, heated floors, large glass-enclosed rain head shower, vanity back-lit mirrors, and separate water closet with wash basin. Heated floors add a welcome touch of comfort, as does the large Jacuzzi bath.


Extraordinary personal attention provided by your own European-trained butler elevates your voyage from a vacation to a true luxury experience. Every preference is quietly noted, and every wish graciously fulfilled by a caring Crystal staff member.   

Penthouse Suite

Surround yourself in lavish comfort in the midst of extreme adventure. Each Penthouse Suite features an elegantly appointed living space, plush king-size beds, dual sink vanities, and a private verandah to indulge in the ever-changing dramatic vistas of your voyage.


A king-size bed or twin beds, desk/bar area with refrigerator, and heated storage closet for expedition gear are highlights of this incredible penthouse. Enjoy a Nespresso coffee, tea or wine as you take in expansive views from your private verandah.


An elegant modern bath features soothing glass-enclosed shower with overhead and handheld showerheads, double vanity with back-lit mirrors, separate water closet with wash basin, and luxe ETRO robes, slippers and bath amenities.


In-suite hors d’oeuvres and canapes, packing and unpacking on request, deluxe personalized attention… Be welcomed with extraordinary 24-hour service provided by a European-trained butler in this elegant suite. An elevated experience of pure personal luxury. 

Deluxe Suite

Elegance abounds in these intimate yet generous accommodations. Each Deluxe Suite is appointed with a king-size bed piled high with plush linens, a well-appointed sitting/dining area, private verandah, high-tech amenities, ample closet space, and ultra-luxury touches designed to help you relax and renew from adventurous exploits ashore.


Enjoy an unrivaled standard of comfort including king-size bed or twins, adjustable dining table, ultra-thin OLED TV, desk/bar area with refrigerator, private verandah, and custom shelving and bar amenities. The ultimate in luxury living. 


A deluxe bath provides luxurious relaxation in the form of a soothing glass-enclosed shower with overhead and handheld showerheads, double vanity with back-lit mirrors, water closet with wash basin, and luxe ETRO robes, slippers and bath amenities. 


Enjoy the gracious hospitality and meticulous attention to detail provided by your 24-hour, European-trained butler, whose only focus is your personal comfort. 


From Crystal Endeavor’s two-story, glass-enclosed Solarium to the only casino on an expedition yacht, enjoy all manner of entertainment day into night.


A Crystal Endeavor hallmark, this two-story, glass-enclosed social space offers breathtaking, panoramic views: an ultra-modern indoor retreat featuring the Crystal Seahorse Pool and Jacuzzi®.

Palm Court
An inviting, contemporary space with expansive forward views. Guests enjoy Afternoon Tea, destination and enrichment presentations and lectures by day, and cocktails, dancing and entertainment by night.
Crystal Cove
The heart of the ship, this convivial social space welcomes guest speakers and hosts pre-dinner cocktails and late-night entertainment.
Resorts World at Sea Casino
The only casino on an expedition yacht, complete with a private gaming room and offering blackjack, roulette, and the latest in slot machines.
Connoisseur Club
An intimate lounge for cognacs, cigars and conversation, serving everything from Montecristos and Davidoffs to Maker’s Mark and Courvoisier.
Facets & Apropos
From designer fashion and fine jewelry to resort wear, Crystal apparel and sundries, shopping boutiques allow for spontaneous indulgences and everyday necessities.
Expedition Studio & Captain's Lounges
Dedicated spaces designed to host informative lectures, presentations and conversations with the Crystal Endeavor Expedition Team.
The Promenade
Stretching from the Crystal Cove to Waterside along the ship’s port side, an intimate indoor space ideal for cocktails, conversation and spectacular views.

More information coming soon.

The Mariner
A state-of-the-art fold-out platform for sunning and/or viewing all types of wilderness — from volcanic isles to glacial kingdoms.