Luxuriously modern and stylishly nautical, the all-suite Crystal Esprit enchants with the promise of customized discovery in iconic yachting destinations from the Dalmatian Coast and Greek Isles to the Arabian Peninsula and Seychelles.

With a highly personalized focus on details large and small, warm and genuine service is shared seamlessly, graciously and always with a smile. Here, life flows to the rhythm of the waters with moments of surprise and delight.

Pure, fresh and creative. Inspired by regions of the world, the culinary experience aboard Crystal Esprit tempts the palate with menus of Michelin-level envy and rewards the soul with journeys of delicious discovery.

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Main Info
  • Children Not allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking -
  • Style Luxury
  • Decks4
  • Cabins31
  • Size Boutique
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins-
  • Crew Members91
  • Launch Year2015
  • CurrencyUSD
Unique Features
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Crystal Clean Environment

"Crystal Clean" is Crystal Cruises' program of environmentally-friendly initiatives. We spread the "Crystal Clean" message in staterooms and in public areas. At the beginning of every cruise, we print a "Crystal Clean" article in our onboard publication, Reflections, along with our environmental policy. At the same time, we air a video on embarkation day reiterating this message. Various "frequently asked questions and answers" about our practices are also printed in Reflections several times during a cruise. "Crystal Clean" signage is posted on deck and a card regarding conserving energy is posted in every stateroom and suite.

Crystal Cruises is dedicated to preserving the marine environment and oceans upon which our ships sail. The environmental standards that apply to our industry are stringent and comprehensive. Through the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United States and other maritime nations have developed consistent and uniform international standards that apply to all vessels engaged in international commerce. These standards include: The International Convention for the Safety and Life at Sea (SOLAS), the International Marine Pollution Convention (MARPOL) and the International Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). We are also obliged to follow all applicable laws and regulations in each country our ships visit. This especially applies to handling of garbage and hazardous wastes that are landed ashore for disposal. In addition, Crystal Cruises is a member of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which has established its own guidelines that exceed the international IMO requirements which members have agreed to follow.

Sewage / Blackwater

Sewage, or "blackwater" as we refer to it aboard ships, flows to a collection tank and is then pumped into Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) where it is treated. The Marine Sanitation Devices are certified in accordance with U.S. regulations. This biological sewage treatment system is very similar in operation to the municipal wastewater treatment plants in many U.S. cities.

The waste is processed in the MSD to reduce the solids and disinfect the effluent. This treated blackwater is either retained in storage tanks for disposal ashore or discharged overboard according to the very strict guidelines below. In terms of discharge, Crystal strives to exceed environmental regulations.

The municipal wastewater treatment plants of many cities discharge into coastal waters. By national and international regulations, ships cannot discharge treated effluent within three miles of the coast. The cruise industry's standard is to not discharge within four miles from shore. Crystal Cruises, however, has adopted a policy that we will not discharge less than 12 miles from shore. Crystal applies the same 12-mile discharge policy to graywater, which is water collected separately from sinks, showers, tubs and similar sources.

Ballast Water

Ballast water is seawater that has been taken on by the ships to maintain proper stability, and is stored in ballast tanks. Crystal Cruises observes local, national and international regulations regarding the reporting and discharge of ballast water. Appropriate exchange of ballast water is conducted on the high seas more than 200 miles from land when necessary to prevent organisms and bacteria from traveling from beyond their native range and harming local marine ecosystems.

Bilge and Oily Water Residue

Following guidelines set forth by international regulation, Crystal Cruises has installed sophisticated oil-water separation equipment to comply with the discharge requirements for bilge water both in port and at sea. Bilge and oily water is retained and processed by the oily water separator to remove any oil. The oily waste is retained and discharged to a reception facility ashore for proper disposal. Automated monitoring of the oil/water separators and supporting equipment ensures that the processed bilge water discharged has less than 15 parts per million of oil, the maximum allowed in the water discharged at sea. Crystal's policy is to not discharge the processed bilge water less than 12 miles from land. The ships' crews are trained on the proper response and handling of deck and water spills of fuel, lube oil and oily wastes.

Solid Waste Management

Crystal Cruises maintains a strict policy of "Nothing Overboard" and recognizes the importance of having strategies in place to reduce and manage onboard waste. Onshore recycling with approved vendors of all non-biodegradable substances such as glass, aluminum, steel cans and plastics is used whenever possible. In addition, Crystal ensures that hazardous materials are disposed of by reputable onshore disposal companies. Solid waste such as food products and cardboard is burned onboard to the extent possible by incineration. Food waste that cannot be incinerated is discharged shoreside.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes photo processing and x-ray fluids, dry cleaning residue, print shop chemicals, and paints, solvents and thinner wastes. This material is disposed of ashore in accordance with national and international laws and regulations. Extensive care and training have also been implemented to eliminate the disposal of chemical wastes in wastewater streams.

Photo chemical waste

Aboard Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, the machines used on board to process and produce photos produce liquid waste that is collected. That waste is then treated on board to remove silver, the only heavy metal or waste in the liquid. Once the silver is removed the waste is certified to be non-hazardous and can be disposed of with normal waste in most ports.


For more than a decade, fabric laundry, dry cleaning and shoe-shine bags replaced the previously used plastic bags. Paper cups replaced the use of styrofoam cups, wood lint brushes replaced disposable plastic lint removers, and stainless steel ice buckets replaced the previously used plastic buckets. In 2008, Crystal introduced EcoHangers into its laundry presentation on both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity as well as in the latest river ships and yacht. EcoHangers are a 100% recyclable, environmentally sound alternative to the nearly nine billion wire and plastic hangers that fill America’s landfills each year. Crystal also utilizes washable garment bags for laundry distribution, eliminating the use of more than 100,000 plastic bags on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity per year, alone.

Air Quality

To protect air quality, Crystal Cruises has taken action to minimize smoke emissions. We do not operate incinerators in port and have increased efforts to avoid rapid changes in loads on engines and to operate engines at efficient load levels. Oil burning equipment is closely maintained to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. In addition, we have installed smoke opacity meters so that the ships' engineers can monitor and adjust stack emissions. Fuels with lower sulfur content are used in areas of the world such as the Baltic, North Sea, English Channel, Canada, Alaska and California where regulations or local conditions call for reduced emissions.

Left-over amenities; soaps, shampoos etc.

Crystal has a unique relationship with a company, Clean The World. Clean The World sanitizes and processes the amenities and then redistributes them to the needy in a world-wide relief program. Although there is a fee for this, Crystal feels that the contribution to the needy and the recycling are worth the effort. Currently, Crystal is the ONLY cruise line involved in this excellent recycling and charitable program!

Medical Services

Crystal Cruises itineraries sail with a professional medical staff on board to provide basic medical service/assistance; certain medications may also be available onboard for purchase at reasonable costs.

Crystal River Cruises and Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises do not have medical facilities or medical staff onboard. However, medical service/s can be easily contacted from local shoreside facilities, if required. All medical services rendered are independently provided and are the guest’s responsibility.  

Disabled Facilities

Crystal Cruises make every effort to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. Yachts do not have any elevators as these vessels were not originally constructed to be wheelchair accessible. In addition there is no elevator access to board the yachts. As a result, Crystal Yachts may not be suitable for people relying solely on wheelchairs for transportation. 

Guests with disabilities should take note that not all ports are wheelchair accessible. Gangways and port access vary greatly around the world and, in ports where the yacht must anchor, guests are taken ashore in tenders and/or ferries which are not likely to be wheelchair accessible, as well as Zodiacs, which are not wheelchair accessible. 

Crystal Yacht Cruises reserves the right, without liability, to refuse to board or transport guests whose medical condition, limited mobility or disability is not compatible with security rules and requirements specific to the navigation area, or who, in Crystal Yacht Cruises’ opinion is unfit for travel on the yachts. In the unlikely event of an emergency, all guests must be fully mobile and able to exit the yachts safely. If guests are unable to meet the minimum safety requirements, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aids and/or services, Crystal Yacht Cruises may find it necessary to ask the guest to make alternative travel arrangements.

Special Dietary Requirements

If you require a special diet or need specific food items during your cruise, or if you have any food allergies, we ask that you kindly submit your written dietary requests to our Onboard Guest Services Department by fax to 310-785-3975, or by email to the appropriate Onboard Guest Services team (as noted below based on your cruise/ship) at least 90 days (3 months) prior to sailing. Please also confirm your arrangements with the Food & Beverage staff on the day of embarkation to ensure all is in order. Note, there may be a charge for some special requests, as well as any applicable shipping fees.

Please contact our Onboard Guest Services team with your special dietary requests at:

[email protected] 

Age Restrictions

Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. In addition, if the adult accompanying the child is not a parent or legal guardian, the "Parental Consent Guardianship Form" must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and received by Crystal Yacht Cruises no later than 30 days prior to sailing. 

Guests age 11 and under at the time of sailing must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older in the same stateroom. Parents can have two related children booked in the same suite provided one of them is at least 16 years of age and travelling in an adjacent room to parent/s or legal guardian/s. Infants 6-24 months of age who will be utilising a crib may travel as a third berth in either a double or triple stateroom. 

Crystal Cruises also reserves the right to restrict the number of passengers less than three (3) years of age aboard the yacht. Third berth child rate will apply if accompanied by two-full fare adults. Crystal Cruises is unable to accommodate children less than six (6) months of age as the yacht’s medical facilities are not designed to provide services to very young children. Children occupying a double suite will be charged the adult rate regardless of age.

Dress Code

Aboard Crystal Yacht ships, dress code aboard is Crystal Yacht Casual.

In line with a relaxed yachting lifestyle and casual onboard ambience, guests should wear comfortable, stylish yachting attire appropriate for your activity. By day, this includes tasteful swimming attire, sandals and shorts (swimsuit cover-ups for women; casual short-sleeve shirts for men). By evening, fashionably stylish resort wear is appropriate. Capri pants, blouses, sundresses and sandals for women. Khaki pants, Bermuda shorts, short-sleeve button-down shirts and golf shirts for men.

There are bathrobes, kimonos and slippers in each stateroom/suite aboard all Crystal ships for your use during the cruise. For days in port or depending on your activity, be sure to bring comfortable walking/sports shoes. Check with your travel professional for special items you might want to pack for your destination and the time of year you are traveling.

Smoking Policy

Aboard all Crystal ships, smoking is allowed in a designated smoking areas only. Smoking is not allowed in public rooms, suites or any area that is not designated as a smoking area. Indoor smoking is permitted only in the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge (aboard Crystal Mozart, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony only) and upon request, in the VIP Casino (during play). Smoking is prohibited in all other indoor areas of the ship including all other public rooms, lounges, corridors and restaurants, as well as all staterooms, suites and verandahs. Please note, if smoke is detected in a stateroom or suite, a cleaning fee of $250 (subject to change) per incident will be billed to your account.

Cigarette smoking (includes Electronic cigarettes)

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity
  • Seahorse pool area, port side only
  • Promenade Deck, port side only

Cigar & Pipe smoking

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity

*(Any/all fees are subject to change at any time.)

Visitors On Board
Whenever conditions allow, visitors will be permitted on board. Requests may be made through the Guest Check-In/Priority Check-in and Planning Center (PCPC) portal by a guest with a valid booking number, or requested on board, through the ship’s Reception Desk. All requests and supporting information must be submitted through PCPC no later than seven (7) days prior to the intended visit day (or arrival into port, if requested while on board). The number and types of visitor allowed are capacity-controlled and subject to the security level at the port of call. Due to changing world conditions, Crystal Cruises may institute a no-visitor policy onboard its ships from time to time. This policy is subject to change, without notice, at any time.
Luggage Tips

We recommend that you do not lock your luggage due to the Transportation Security Administration’s policy of screening all baggage. However, please be sure to lock your luggage using TSA-approved locks when in transit between airport and ship.

Place personal identification tags on your luggage showing your name, address and phone number printed clearly. Do not lock your luggage. Be aware that unaccompanied luggage may be subject to inspection by customs officials, airline personnel or transportation officials in various countries.

When sending unaccompanied luggage to or from the U.S., we recommend that you do not send medicines, valuables (money, jewelry, important documents, etc.), hazardous materials (items such as perfumes, aerosol cans and polish remover are considered hazardous), film, weapons, liquor, x-rayed materials or items subject to duty purchased outside the U.S. Luggage Concierge luggage services follow all FAA and TSA regulations.

Aerial Drone Camera Usage
Due to the differing local regulatory requirements and restrictions in destinations around the world regarding the use of aerial drones, and in the interest of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all guests and crew aboard all of our ships, please be advised that aerial drones are prohibited and may not be brought on board the ship. They must be surrendered to the Captain at and will be kept in storage for the duration of the cruise.
Safety at Sea

Crystal puts the utmost priority on the safety and security of our guests, crew vessels. Our safety and security policies and procedures meet or exceed SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) requirements, the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification Watchkeeping) and International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) regulations, as mandated by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Among our safety and security standards are :

• Guest lifeboat drills conducted prior to our ships’ departures.

• Weekly crew safety drills.

• Safety videos are broadcast in English on all stateroom televisions on embarkation day, prior to departure from port.

• Our vessels through extensive safety and material audits by both internal and external entitles. External audits but not limited to; US Coast Guard, Flag State, Local Port Authorities, Classification Society, CDC, etc.

Under International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), security precautions include, but are not limited to, the following measures:

• Guest and crew lists are compared with names of persons of interest provided by U.S. government agencies; all crew members are vetted before they are employed. Government-issued photo I.D.s are required in all ports of call. In addition, key cards, which serve as boarding passes, are given to each guest upon check-in. Access to the ship by all individuals is controlled.

• Critical areas on the ship such as the bridge and technical spaces are designated restricted access areas. Video surveillance cameras and access alarms are installed to ensure these areas remain secure.

• Items brought on board by guests or crew are subject screening by x-ray machines or personal hand inspection by the ship's security staff. Also, non-carry-on baggage is compared to the official guest list and is x-rayed at the loading point prior to be being loaded on board the vessel. Stores and cargo are monitored for unauthorized materials, as appropriate.

• A security plan is prepared for every port of entry, and prior to entry, Crystal Cruises is in contact with local officials to discuss shipboard activities.

We recognize that world events continue to change. As a result, we are in consultation with appropriate U.S. governmental agencies including the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. State Department, our Flag State, the governments of countries our ships are scheduled to visit, port agents, tour operators and our insurance underwriters to ensure that we are taking every reasonable step to recognize and assess potential risks, and to make changes as may be necessary under the circumstances.

We want to remind everyone that accidents are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry, and cruising continues to be one of the safest means of travel among all types of vacationing.

Laundry & Valet Services

Complete valet services are available including laundry, pressing and dry cleaning*. Services may be arranged through your Stateroom Attendant or your Penthouse Attendant or Butler. Valet charges are billed to your shipboard account. Pressing is complimentary to guests in categories CP, SP, SH, PS and PH. Complimentary self-service launderettes, including washing machines, detergent, fabric softener, dryers, irons and ironing boards are provided on board all Crystal ships.

*(Dry cleaning available on Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Endeavor only.)

Internet / WiFi

Complimentary internet and Wi-Fi access is available on board throughout all Crystal ships. Crystal encourages you to bring your own device/s with you to use during your voyage. Once on board, please connect to Crystal's complimentary Wi-Fi. Certain applications (apps) available on personal phones and other devices are satellite dependent and thus subject to interrupted availability. All onboard internet traffic travels from the ship to a satellite before returning back to earth to load web pages. While onboard there is no local high-speed internet provider as you would have at home, so intermittent delays and interruptions may occur.

It is not possible to connect your laptop through the shipboard phone system directly to any phone number ashore. In an effort to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy free Wi-Fi services for the duration on their cruise, applications like Skype and certain streaming services are currently not available/supported by the Ship's Wi-Fi service. If your laptop has wireless capacities, you should be able to access the internet aboard all Crystal ships. 

Deck Plans
Sunset Deck

  • Sunset Pool & Deck
  • Sunset Gym
  • The Grill
  • Sunset Bar

Sunset Deck.png
Crystal Deck

  • Cove
  • Yacht Club Restaurant
  • Patio Café

Crystal Cruises Crystal Esprit Deck Plans Crystal Deck.jpeg
Horizon Deck

  • Yacht Suite (S1)
  • Yacht Suite (S3)
  • Spa
  • Doctor
  • Casino

Crystal Cruises Crystal Esprit Deck Plans Horizon Deck.jpeg
Seabreeze Deck

  • Owner's Suite
  • Yacht Suite (S2)
  • Yacht Suite (S3)
  • Yacht Suite (S4)
  • The Pantry
  • Reception
  • Compass Room
  • Submersible
  • Submersible Platform

Crystal Cruises Crystal Esprit Deck Plans Seabreeze Deck.jpeg
Owner's Suite

This elegant suite is a sanctuary unto itself. Entertain in the cozy sitting area as you take in the panoramic views from multiple, expansive windows, or relax with a glass of wine served by your ever-attentive butler.


Indulgently modern, a chic metal décor divides the expansive living and dining area where sofa and end chairs, a flat-screen TV, concealed mini-bar and dining table create a welcoming space.


Chic and comfortable, the suite’s deluxe bedroom boasts king-size bed with Egyptian cotton linens, flat-screen HD TV, custom bench at foot of bed, stone-clad nightstands with integrated outlets, and interactive bedside iPad.


A glass-enclosed rain shower to energize and refresh, double vanity with backlit mirror and integrated TV, and relaxing bath are complemented by luxury touches such as stone flooring throughout and elegant recessed niche lighting.


Anticipating your every need and attending to your every wish, your 24-hour butler will ensure that every detail, large and small, is delivered seamlessly, and always with sincere pleasure. 

Yacht Suite

A private enclave to escape to after a busy day at play, your oasis features a flat-screen satellite TV, custom carpet throughout, plush sofa with adjustable-height table for dining, and spacious, custom-designed closets.


The king-size bed, bedside iPads for entertainment and daily news, adjustable lighting and mini bar/refrigerator perfectly set the stage for majestic ocean views from this deluxe suite. Rich woods and natural materials offer a nod to yachting traditions.


Your elegant bathroom is adorned with stunning, cutting-edge design including a glass-enclosed shower, stunning back-lit mirrors, double vanity sink, natural stone flooring and luxury ETRO bath and shower amenities.


Every moment of your expedition experience is flawlessly synchronized to your own personal vision of luxury as you enjoy 24-hour, personalized butler service and twice-daily housekeeping provided by an experienced team of dedicated professionals.


While the ultimate luxury lies in the yacht’s relaxed, unregimented pace, the Crystal yachting lifestyle is enhanced with an unrivaled level of amenities and services that only the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™ can deliver – in bold, exhilarating fashion.


The window-lined Cove is a welcoming spot to unwind, enjoy a cocktail and share the day's adventures with new friends.

Sunset Bar

A favorite place to gather for spirits and curated cocktails, especially while at anchor to take in the sweeping views and golden sunsets.


Carry the day’s fun and energy into the evening at Resorts World At Sea™ casino. Tastefully furnished, it is an exclusive clubroom, a world apart from the cacophony of crowded venues typically found aboard larger ships.

The Art of Yachting
She's small enough to navigate bucket-list destinations, allowing for explorations in a very personal manner.


Free from the constraints of the shoreside hotels over which she looks, Crystal Esprit island-hops from one boutique port of call to the next