USA & Caribbean

  • Destination:
  • Departure Date: 02/03/23
  • Duration: 35 Nights

Family friendly - There’s always something happening on Ventura, enjoy delicious fine dining, a tranquil spa, many quiet spaces to unwind, great sports facilities and four pools. Evenings are particularly memorable, with the lavish two-deck theatre where you’ll witness elaborate shows and stand-up comedy.

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USA & Caribbean
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Main Info
  • Children Allowed
  • Smoking Some
  • Decks 14
  • Cabins 1556
  • Wheelchair Cabins 35
  • Crew Members 1205
  • Refurbished 2013
  • Currency GBP
Unique Features

Enrichment Facilities

The ship's fantastic New Horizons programme offers to passengers the chance to leave their cruise with a new hobby, skill or passion. With classes ranging from cookery, and ballroom dancing, to feng shui and tai chi, passengers can search for true enlightenment.


Gratuities are included in the price so you can relax knowing that it’s all taken care of.


Early Saver
Inside: £ 2549
Inside: £ 2709
Inside: £ 2759
Inside: £ 2789
Inside: £ 2819
Inside: £ 2849
Larger Insider: £ 2959
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 3149
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 3259
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 3299
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 3359
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 3399
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 3419
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 3499
Outside: £ 3529
Outside: £ 3569
Outside: £ 3569
Outside: £ 3653
Single Inside: £ 4399
Balcony: £ 4849
Balcony: £ 4929
Balcony: £ 5019
Balcony: £ 5089
Balcony: £ 5219
Balcony: £ 5279
Single Outside: £ 5299
Suite: £ 5734
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 5979
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 6229
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 6449
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 6749
Suite: £ 8699
Suite: £ 9209
Suite: £ 9209
Penthouse Suite: £ 13099

Select Price
Inside: £ 2999
Inside: £ 3129
Inside: £ 3189
Inside: £ 3219
Inside: £ 3249
Inside: £ 3289
Larger Insider: £ 3409
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 3869
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 4009
Outside (Obstructed View): £ 4039
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 4109
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 4149
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 4169
Outside (Part Obstructed View): £ 4269
Outside: £ 4309
Outside: £ 4349
Outside: £ 4349
Outside: £ 4439
Single Inside: £ 5109
Balcony: £ 5859
Balcony: £ 5949
Balcony: £ 6029
Balcony: £ 6139
Balcony: £ 6259
Single Outside: £ 6269
Balcony: £ 6349
Suite: £ 7023
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 7159
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 7429
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 7709
Superior Deluxe Balcony: £ 8039
Suite: £ 10459
Suite: £ 11049
Suite: £ 11049
Penthouse Suite: £ 15569

The ultimate in luxury, our butler-serviced Suites offer the extra space of a lounge area (perfect for entertaining), a superior bathroom, dressing area and a broad balcony to take in the sights.

Balcony Cabins

There's nothing quite like opening your patio style doors onto your own private balcony, especially to take in the fresh morning air or to enjoy a spectacular sail in to your next destination.

Sea View

If a balcony is not top of your list, but you're seeking great value and a sea view, then our Sea view cabins are ideal. Well designed and with all those little extras.

Inside Cabins

These spacious cabins are perfect if you want a more economical way to travel and prefer to be out and about experiencing the ship or reclining up on deck by the pools.

Single Cabins

With the choice of either an inside or outside location, these cabins are perfect for the single traveller.

These beautifully designed cabins feature a single bed, shower, sink, and WC. Outside cabins will have a window or porthole. Inside cabins will have a mirror.


When it comes to entertainment and things to do we’ve something for everyone on Ventura.

The Arena Theatre

Ventura's two-tier theatre is located forward on Deck 7. West End-style shows and cabaret light up her technologically advanced stage, but you can also enjoy talks and watch films on the big screen in this venue.

The Tamarind Club

The rich fabrics and colours of the Indian subcontinent provide the inspiration for Ventura's Tamarind Club on Deck 7. Imperial and exotic touches will combine to create an element of escapism and opulence. A wonderful setting for comedy and live music, this venue will provide a memorable night. Listening to the comedians centre stage, you can soak up the jovial atmosphere and revel in great company and entertainment. During the day in this venue you can enjoy enrichment lectures and port lectures.

Havana Show Lounge

Visit Havana, Ventura's Cuban themed nightclub, for all the passion and exuberance of Latin America. This venue will be found on Deck 7 aft. This will be the place to party into the night. With a stage and dance floor you might dance to a live band or DJ, take part in some karaoke, or enjoy some late night cabaret. This vibrant venue will get livelier as the night progresses. Order a mojito, let your hair down and get your feet moving to those salsa rhythms.


Love the sense of excitement as the roulette wheel spins? If so, pay Fortunes Casino a visit. The flashing lights of the slot machines and the suspense of blackjack beckons, as does a great night out. The Exchange bar has been integrated into the area to create a lively entertainment venue that's perfect whether you simply want to soak up the atmosphere over a drink or enjoy the casino.


This unique venue brings you all the excitement of the world's coolest destinations. An innovative 20 metre floor-to-ceiling video wall displays dramatic cityscapes, so you might gaze 'out' upon Paris, New York or Sydney as you sip your favourite apéritif. Grouped seating and soft lighting create the feel of a sophisticated jazz bar. And as you take in your surroundings, you can listen to the mellow sounds of a jazz combo or pianist.

Red Bar

As vibrant as its name suggests, the Red Bar will offer cocktails and champagne in a sophisticated setting. Located on Deck 7, close to the 31 foot high atrium, this bar will provide a wonderful setting for a pre-dinner drink or after dinner socialising. The sound of tinkling ivories provides a special ambience, while the décor is warm, inviting and vivid.

Pool Bars

Situated forward on Deck 16, Breakers Bar is the place to go for a refreshing smoothie. Packed full of fruit, they make for a delicious and healthy treat. From here, guests can admire the view from on high as Ventura glides you toward your next port of call. And if in the mood for something not quite so virtuous, there is also a full deck bar menu.

The Terrace bar, located on deck 15, caters for guests using the Terrace Pool below on the Riviera deck and is a great place to socialise and soak up the sun.

Protected by the skydome the Beachcomber bar has steward service so no need to leave your sun lounger. Located on deck 15 it is ideally situated for guests using the Beachcomber Pool.

The Exchange

There are some things only a visit to the pub can satisfy. Catching up with friends for some quick wit and repartee. Watching unmissable sporting events on the big screen and celebrating – or commiserating – the outcome together. Assembling a team and putting your communal grey matter to the test in a good, old-fashioned pub quiz. So, welcome to the Exchange.

The Glass House

In The Glass House on board Ventura, we bring the world of wine to you… varieties from all four corners of the globe, by the glass, by the bottle and, if you fancy, right by a plate of fabulous food. Headed up by the irrepressible, award-winning wine expert and passionate foodie, Olly Smith, The Glass House is the perfect location for a light bite, lunchtime tipple, afternoon apéritif or a tastefully informal evening out.

Breakers Bar

For a refreshing cocktail out on deck, Breakers Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy the views surrounding you.

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