As soon as you step aboard Celestyal Crystal, you’ll realize your getaway couldn’t possibly feel more comfortable or more like home. Enjoy comfortable staterooms and suites, elegant restaurants, bars and lounges, spa and fitness rooms, as well as promenade decks, where you can revel in the splendor of a starlit ocean sky.

Escape with Celestyal Crystal and feel welcome, cosy and relaxed. Two restaurants, two bars, a café, a thrilling casino, a pool, shops with travel value items and authentic Greek products tailored to your taste and the wellness centre with a spa are only there to spoil you. Do not resist. Celestyal Crystal can accommodate up to 1200 passengers in 480 cabins with en suite WC, TV, Radio and A/C.

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Main Info
  • Children Allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking Some
  • Style Classic
  • Decks9
  • Cabins476
  • Size Medium
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins2
  • Crew Members406
  • Refurbished2002
  • CurrencyEUR
Before you leave home


  • All our guests including children and infants must have valid travel documents for the cruise. You will need up to date identification cards or passport and multiple entry Schengen visas, depending on your nationality and itinerary. We recommend you have at least six months validity past your cruise date, left on your passport. Please note if you are travelling with a national ID card, only citizens from the following countries can use it to enter
  • Turkey
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Lichtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • The Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Greece

Please make sure you have all your documentation ready well before your departure date. For further information contact any Schengen country embassy in your region. If you do not have all the correct paperwork you are likely to be denied entrance/embarkation by the authorities and refunds are not available in the event of documentation being incomplete or invalid.


In order to participate in this cruise, you must carry a valid passport, valid for at least six months after your trip finishes. No identification cards (IDs) are accepted. Besides the Schengen visa requirement for those nationalities requiring one, you need to check possible visa requirements for Egypt, Israel and Cyprus by contacting the respective local Egyptian, Israeli and Cypriot Embassies/Consulates in your residence country.

At the Port

Main embarkation port: Port of Piraeus - Cruise Terminal A, Gate E11. Please consult your eTicket for the applicable check-in hours.

Step 1: Luggage drop off

If you have booked a suite: Once outside the terminal, please proceed to the dedicated area for priority embarkation. A Celestyal Cruises Suite Concierge will be on-hand to welcome you and arrange that your luggage is sent directly to your Suite. Valuables, travelling documents and medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all pieces of luggage will be subject to X ray safety checks before boarding.

If you have booked a regular stateroom: Once outside the terminal, please follow the signs to the luggage drop off area. We will label your luggage with your stateroom number (if not already done) and deliver on board, outside of your stateroom door. Valuables, travelling documents and medication should always be carried in your hand luggage. For security reasons, all pieces of luggage will be subject to X ray safety checks before boarding.

Step 2: Check-in Process

Once you have dropped your luggage off, please proceed inside the terminal and present your passport and/or ID card (depending on your nationality) and your ticket at check-in. If you do not have your ticket with you because it has not been delivered, please ensure you have your stateroom number with you. During check-in you will receive your personal boarding card, which you will use as a debit and ID card throughout your cruise. You can make all on-board purchases using this card with the exception of the casino. Moreover, you will be asked to activate your on board account by registering your credit card. We accept Visa and Master Cards as well as American Express and debit cards (as long as they are suitable for electronic transactions and they are not Maestro Debit Cards). For safety reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, the Purser’s office on board will proceed with formalities in each port of call. Hence your passport or ID card will be kept at the Purser’s office until the end of your cruise. At all ports of arrival you are only required to present your personal boarding card if and when it is requested. Remember, the photographer will be there, so don’t miss the opportunity for a memory photo!

A warm welcome onboard

We are all ready to greet you with a very warm Celestyal welcome. Once on board, we invite you to relax in one of our lounges or on the outer decks with a copy of the daily programme until we can advise you that your stateroom is ready. It’s an opportunity to take in the atmosphere ahead of your unique cruise experience with us.


All our staterooms have a personal attendant and assistant who are there to ensure you have a wonderful stay and everything in your room is perfect in terms of comfort and cleanliness. They will know you by name.

The stateroom steward or stewardess and assistant will also be looking after you and be on hand to answer any questions or help with any request or service you require. This may be anything from the laundry or pressing service to arranging breakfast or a glass of champagne to be enjoyed in the privacy in your stateroom.

All members of our dedicated housekeeping crew will do their utmost to make sure you have every possible comfort, offering a flawless, discreet, cheerful, polite and professional service throughout.


Your Suite Concierge is there to provide you with an exceptional service, helping with questions and queries, amenities, details of meal times, indeed anything you may wish to know. He or she can assist with unpacking your luggage or arrange for things like the complimentary pressing of clothes. While you relax in the comfort of your suite, your Concierge can organise complimentary room service for breakfast, lunch or dinner from the menu of the day. He or she can also arrange a private celebration, party or other occasion, make all dining room seating arrangements and book shore excursions and beauty salon treatments and appointments. Your wish is their command.

* Suite Concierge Service benefits are applicable to:

Celestyal Crystal: Grand Suite (SG), Balcony Suite (SB), Suite (S)

Celestyal Olympia: Grand Suite (SG), Balcony Suite (SB)

Electronic Services


On board Celestyal Olympia and Celestyal Crystal, you will fi nd self-service, interactive kiosks with an easy-to-use and intuitive application covering the following features:

  • See & print your personal statement
  • Book your Shore Excursions
  • Buy your WiFi Package


Our complimentary on-board site offers you quick and convenient access to valuable information on your mobile device. Plan your day’s events and activities, book your excursions, access your stateroom account and much more.


WiFi Internet access is available at a charge. At times, users joining the on board WiFi network may experience delays or interruptions. Internet connectivity at sea relies on expensive satellite service by operators that specialize in marine communications and cannot be compared to ashore fi xed networks in terms of reliability and cost. Consequently, Celestyal Cruises is currently unable to provide complimentary WiFi access. However, our rates have been carefully thought, while taking all aspects into consideration. Celestyal Cruises remains committed in upgrading its guest experience by heavily investing in upgrading its communication infrastructure.


We always make arrangements so that you are always connected to your loved ones back home. This is why once the ship is 12 nautical miles from shore and your mobile device’s roaming service is enabled, this automatically connects to the WMS Network. One of the following shall appear on your screen: cellularatsea, wmsatsea, NOR-18, 901-18. Please be advised that satellite charges are more expensive than standard local tariffs. There are no additional charges from WMS Network or Celestyal Cruises. For any queries, please contact your provider. Celestyal Cruises bears no responsibility for charges imposed while using the mobile phone satellite service coverage at sea.

Life onboard


The currency used onboard is Euro. Major currencies can be exchanged at the Reception in limited amounts.


Our vessels have a cashless system and all purchases on board are charged to your stateroom account. Cash can only be used in the casino. If you have not yet registered your credit card on day 1 and you wish to settle your account in cash, you should proceed to the reception and leave a deposit at the beginning of the cruise: we recommend 100 Euros for 3 night and 4 night Cruises and 200 Euros for 7-Night Cruises.


A copy of the daily programme for the next day will be delivered to your stateroom every evening. Your personal bulletin will outline all the events and activities, arrival and departure times at each port, shore excursion details, dining times and other important information such as the opening times of our shops, gym, spa, hair salon, the disco and the casino. The programme will also offer helpful advice on suggested evening wear and other useful information.


The Celestyal dining experience will take you on an amazing gastronomic journey to the heart of the wonderful Mediterranean. It includes three full meals a day prepared by our excellent chefs. You can choose from the dining room a la carte menu or enjoy our fine self service buffet. Your breakfast is international with a Greek twist and includes freshlybaked rolls, muffins and Danish pastries. A deliciously mouthwatering selection of Greek and international dishes is available at lunch and dinner including appetisers, salads, soups and main courses all freshly prepared and followed by international desserts, sweets and cakes, ice cream, fresh fruits and cheeses. Everything is prepared, cooked and served to the very highest standards. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to help. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets are accommodated. Please let your travel agent know or contact our Passenger Services Department at [email protected] so that our catering team can be advised in advance. If this is not possible, please inform your ship’s assistant Maitre D’ of any requests when you embark. Halal and Kosher meals are available at an extra charge and not later than 30 days before your cruise departs.


When it comes to entertainment, the fun never stops.

There is a packed programme of events and activities every day with something to keep everyone amused whatever your age.

There is traditional and contemporary music, live shows, dancing lessons, exercise classes, language lessons and handicraft, lectures, sporting tournaments (where applicable) and much more. We start early while at sea and continue all day and into the evening. Our nightlife features a whole host of entertainment with both Greek and international themes. We have excellent musicians and you will enjoy the sounds of the bouzouki and popular Greek songs. You can also be the star of the show in the karaoke nights or learn to dance like a Greek - although there is no plate smashing.

If the disco is more your thing, our DJ provides plenty of popular international music. You can be our Dancing Queen or King!


During our 7 night and 4 night cruises, we host Gala Night and the Captain’s Cocktail in honour of our guests, and we ask that you attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, jacket and tie for the men.


One of the very best places to chill out and relax on board, under the glorious Mediterranean sun with your favourite cocktail are the pool decks. Just bring a towel from your stateroom and come on up. On the Celestyal Olympia we also have a smaller, shallower pool for younger cruisers. The size and number of pools varied from ship to ship. If you want to keep in shape or simply enjoy a little gentle exercise, please visit our fully equipped gym, towels are provided. And for some super-relaxation, book a massage in the poolside cabana.


Your health is important to us and it will reassure you to know we have a well equipped medical centre and a doctor on board for all our cruises. If you are feeling unwell or need advice you can make an appointment through reception unless of course it is an emergency. Please note that if you require medical care on board or any medication, your personal account will be charged. You may wish to check with your health insurance company on the cover you have before your cruise and which costs are likely to be included.

If you have any current health issues please inform us in advance of travel by emailing [email protected]

Depending on the circumstances you may need to let us have a written statement from your doctor that you are fit to travel. We will always do our very best to help with any special arrangements in your stateroom but please advise us well in advance.


Smoking tobacco, cigars and electronic cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas on open decks.

What to Wear

The weather in the Mediterranean is mild and pleasant year-round. If you cruise with us during the warmer part of the year, from May through September, light-coloured cotton clothes will help keep you cool. You should also bring swimsuits, if you plan to swim in our pool or at one of the incredible beaches we’ll visit, as well as sunglasses and a hat which, combined with a good sunscreen, will help protect you from the Mediterranean sun. If you intend to use one of the well-equipped gyms on our ships, make sure to bring proper clothes and shoes (but don’t worry about a towel, we’ll provide it). Air-conditioning is strong on the ship and because of the occasional sea breeze in the afternoon, we suggest that you also pack a light jacket or a windbreaker.


Light-coloured cotton or sports clothes that “breathe” will help keep you cool on our excursions. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes for all excursions. If you plan to visit the beach you’ll need a swimsuit, as well as sunglasses and a hat which, combined with comfortable shoes and a good sunscreen, will help protect you from the brilliant Mediterranean sun. If you will be visiting a religious or pilgrimage site, please dress respectfully in long trousers or a skirt that falls below the knee, and please remember to cover your shoulders.


We do not permit bathing suits or shorts in the restaurants, but we serve a delicious lunch buffet on our pool deck every day, so you can remain poolside without having to change out of your swimwear.


In our restaurants, casinos, lounges and nightclubs, and in the other open spaces on our ships, your attire should be “country club casual” - relaxed, yet elegant - after 6:00 pm.


On each Celestyal cruise ship calendar you’ll find special evening events, including Gala Night, the Captain’s Cocktail (both during our 7 night cruises) and our famous Greek Night. For Gala Night and the Captain’s Cocktail, please attend in formal dress: a cocktail dress or something smart for the ladies, smart casual for the men. Remember, the photographer will be there for a memory photo. For Greek Night we hope you’ll wear blue and white, the colours of the Greek flag. Check your daily program for a schedule of all evening events.


For your safety and comfort on board we suggest sports, flat deck shoes with low heels or sandals. These types of footwear will make it easier for you to navigate the cruise ship decks and stairwells. Please do not walk barefoot on the open decks.


You’ll need a hat, sunglasses, a bathing suit, sandals and perhaps a small umbrella. Why not visit our on board shops where you will be able to buy suntan oil, eye protection, bathing suits among other goods? We also recommend you bring a camera (for photos, for video, or for both), and make sure you recharge your batteries before you sail - you won’t believe the number of opportunities you’ll have to shoot incredible photos and videos.

Settling your onboard account


Guests who have registered their credit cards at the beginning of the cruise will receive a printed detailed statement of their on board charges, under the stateroom door the day before their disembarkation. Any discrepancies regarding their account statements shall be settled at the Reception desk before their final disembarkation from the ship. Their account will remain open till your final disembarkation. Guests who have chosen to deposit a cash amount will have to settle their account at the Reception desk the night before the end of the cruise (time will be announced on the daily program). Their account will be closed, and any additional services or purchases should be paid in cash.

Important Information

At Celestyal Cruises we work tirelessly so that when cruising with us, you get to live Greece with all of your senses. If you want to maximize your experience and enjoy your travel without too many worries, we strongly suggest that you consider purchasing travel insurance. Celestyal Cruises offers travel insurance packages by Allianz Global Assistance carefully designed for your and with your cruise in mind. Please contact us for more information.


If you are using a specific medicine or other drug treatment please remember to bring along a sufficient supply for your cruise. It may not be available from our medical centre. If your medication needs refrigeration, again please notify us in advance. If relevant, please make sure you have a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses.


For their own health and safety, ladies may travel up to their 24th week of pregnancy, provided that they are holders of a written certification for travelling ability issued by their gynaecologist.

We recommend that pregnant women who have not yet completed the 12th week of their pregnancy by the date of the cruise to consult their gynaecologist. For their own health and safety, infants under 3 months old are not permitted on board. If you require a baby cot, please advise our Customer Service Department at the time of reservation, as a number of categories cannot hold baby cots. We must advise you that we do not carry baby food on board, nor do we provide a babysitting service. For more questions about travelling with your baby, please call our Passenger Service Department at (+30) 216 400 9821 or by email at [email protected]

Note: In case of a medical condition, please contact us well in advance since not all cases can be supported.


If you are physically challenged or your mobility is impaired, at the time of booking we kindly request that you provide us with full and detailed information in connection to your disability. If we believe there might be a safety issue for you or for your travelling companion, Celestyal Cruises reserves the right to advise that the guest with health or mobility problems must have the assistance of a person who will be responsible for and take charge of all of this guest’s needs and requirements. If you or your travelling companion requires personal, individual care or supervision, this must be organized by you or your travelling companion at your cost. No Celestyal Cruises ship or staff or crew member can provide specific care or supervision to anyone, nor can we provide any form of medical care for a physical or psychiatric condition.

If you or the person with whom you are sharing your stateroom requires a special seat or a special seating arrangement during meals, etc., please notify us in advance. If you or the person with whom you are sharing your stateroom must use any special medical equipment during your cruise, you must notify us before you book your cruise, so we can be certain we are in a position to ensure the safe transportation and storage of this equipment (with the condition that it fits in your stateroom). This also applies to those travelling with a specially-trained guide or aid dog. If you are travelling with a guide dog, kindly note that all documentation must be sent to our Passenger Service Department by email at [email protected] at the time of booking, to ensure that there will be no issues in either port visited.

We have a limited number of staterooms suitable for people with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired, and not all areas of our ships are accessible to these guests or equipped for them. Given these restrictions, bookings for such guests are dependent upon the availability of suitable on-board lodging. If Celestyal Cruises deems it necessary, the assistance of a fully able person capable of catering to the guest for the duration of the selected cruise may be requested to escort the guest with mobility restrictions. All costs are to be supported by the guest. Guests in wheelchairs must bring their own wheelchairs, of normal size, if they book a cruise with us. Celestyal Cruises only carries wheelchairs for emergencies on its vessels.

Celestyal Cruises is not required or obliged to organize alternative activities on board or on shore for guests with disabilities or whose mobility is impaired, nor do we bear responsibility for the partial or complete inability of these guests to participate in advertised activities or on shore excursions during the cruise.

We will do our best, always, to accommodate, satisfy and support the demands, needs and wishes of our guests, be they medical, dietary or otherwise. Celestyal Cruises reserves the right, however, to refuse to book or board a person with a disability or whose mobility is impaired if we believe, in the case of this person, that we cannot ensure safe transportation and a safe stay on board. 

Note: It is to be noted that guests travelling with a wheelchair may not be able to disembark in any of the ports where tender boat service in use, for safety reasons. Our itineraries include at least one or two tendering ports therefore we suggest that you contact Passenger services office at [email protected] for any clarification needed.

Your cruise features an efficient laundry service that’s personally picked up and delivered straight to your stateroom. Just use the laundry bag provided in your room, fill in the form with your details and the service you require - standard, express or laundry promotion – and your steward will take care of the rest. What’s more, your account will be automatically charged, so you won’t need to lift a finger.
On board your Celestyal Cruise you’ll find professional photographers who are there to capture your special moments. Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, anniversary or the holiday of your dreams, our photographers can join you on board or when you step ashore to take photos and videos that you’ll treasure. Choose from a variety of packages on offer and you can either purchase individual photos, a DVD album or download them onto a USB stick – and don’t forget to buy your souvenir DVD of your cruise experience.
Deck Plans
Deck 10 - Zeus

  • Hera Deck
  • Horizons Bar

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 10.png
Deck 9 - Hera

  • Lounge Balcony Muses
  • Wellness Centre
  • Sauna
  • Helios Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Leda Casual Dining
  • Aura Casual Dining

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 9.png
Deck 8 - Ouranos

  • Muses Lounge & Bar
  • Dance Floor
  • Casino
  • Symposium
  • Eros Lounge
  • Casino
  • Amalthia Restaurant

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 8.png
Deck 7 - Apollo

  • Bridge
  • Balcony Suites
  • Junior Balcony Suites
  • Exterior Staterooms
  • Interior Staterooms

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 7.png
Deck 6 - Venus

  • Interior Stateroom
  • Exterior Stateroom
  • Junior Balcony Suite
  • Suites
  • Grand Suites

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 6.png
Deck 5 - Dionyssos

  • Thalassa Bar
  • Olympus Restaurant
  • Reception
  • Shore Excursions
  • Agora Duty Free & Travel Value Shop
  • Internet Corner
  • Photo Shop
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Interior Staterooms
  • Exterior Staterooms

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 5.png
Deck 4 - Poseidon

  • Exterior Staterooms
  • Interior Staterooms

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 4.png
Deck 3 - Hermes

  • Interior Staterooms
  • Exterior Staterooms

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 3.png
Deck 2 - Athena

  • Exterior Staterooms 

Celestyal Cruises Crystal Deck 2.png
Grand Suites

Grand Suites can accommodate up to 3 persons, with 2 lower beds and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with bathtub and shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and large balcony with private whirlpool bath 

Balcony Suites

Balcony Suites can accommodate up to 3 person, with 2 lower beds  and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and balcony  


Suites can accommodate up to 3 persons, with 2 lower beds and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and 2 windows 

Junior Balcony Suites

Junior Balcony Suites can accommodate up to  3 persons, with 2 lower beds and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with  shower, air conditioning, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and a balcony  

Exterior Stateroom

Exterior Staterooms can accommodate up to 4 persons, with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV and a window. 

Interior Stateroom

Interior staterooms can accommodate up to 4 persons, with 2 lower beds, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box and TV. 


The ship has a lot of onboard entertainment: bingo, dancing, exercise programs, games, music performances, sporting events and trivia contests – there’s always something to do for everyone on board, from kids to seniors. These activities are a great way to spend time with the people you love and to meet your fellow passengers.

Activities start bright and early, first thing in the morning, and continue all day and throughout the evening. There’s always something to do onboard, even if all you want to do is sit down with someone and play backgammon (there's also checkers, chess and other board games). 

Bars & Lounges

Visit the pool deck or any of the luxuriously appointed bars and lounges for a cold beer, a glass of wine, or a specialty cocktail or coffee. Try the Santorini whites, like assyrtiko, dry and fruity, and athiri, which is slightly aromatic, or the Peloponnesian wines, like white Moschofilero, with its aroma of roses and violets and spice, and Agiorghitiko, a dry aromatic red.

Enjoy a chilled glass of ouzo, the famous anise-flavored liqueur of Greece, or the bartenders’ spectacular Skinos cocktails, delicious one-of-a-kind concoctions with mastiha, a liqueur made from the mastic bushes of Chios. Bring a newspaper, or just relax and enjoy one of the live music performances. They're open all day until late into the evening. You’ll be a regular before you even finish your drink.

At the Helios bar you can enjoy a cup of coffee, while at the Horizons, Muses or Eros Lounge & Bar you can have your favorite cocktail. If you feel like something cozier, you can always relax at Thalassa bar for a night drink, while you indulge in some stargazing. At Celestyal Cruises, we do everything we can to make sure you can relax while you enjoy the delicious gastronomy that makes our cruises unforgettable!


Like games of chance? Adrenaline rushes? Unbridled excitement? Join other guests in the comfortable casino and try your luck. There's games for every taste.

While you play, enjoy the stellar service for which Celestyal Cruises is famous – order your favourite drink from the waiters while you play. They’ll make you feel at home, no matter how deep into the night you want to roll. Please note, the game tables close when in port. 


Shopping on board Celestyal Cruises ships is like being transported to the hottest European outlets. You’ll be dazzled by an immense array of products at exceptionally competitive prices. The Shopping Arcade is located on Venus deck and features duty free and travel value shops.

Internet Corner

The ship is equipped with Internet access, so you can always get in touch with your loved ones or take care of any business needs. They offer tablets for rental for you to access the Internet. They also offer an onboard Wi-Fi services (satellite permitting) at a charge.


The magic of a night at a crowded taverna onboard – you will be unable to resist the call of the bouzouki, and you’ll soon find yourself on one of the dance floors performing the “sirtaki” from Zorba the Greek with 100 of your closest friends! If you’re a bit shy about your “moves,” there are Greek dancing classes during the day.

You’ll also find classical concerts, disco, karaoke, line dancing and talent shows. Each Celestyal Cruises ships has a complete nightclub onboard, with a high quality sound system and professional club lighting. Come have a drink while professional DJs spin the best contemporary sounds, both Greek and international.

Fun & Games

Our onboard quizzes and games guarantee a night of pure entertainment. We have lots of different quizzes on the go like general knowledge, music and a cruise quiz, as well as many other games and board games including Name That Tune, Pictionary, Guess the Celebrity, Stop the Bus and Men vs Women. There are also electronic games to keep every generation entertained such as Wii Sports and many more.

Bingo & Bridge
It might just be your lucky night at one of our fun and sociable bingo games! All you need to do is purchase a bingo card and then wait for your numbers to be called. Or, if cards are more your game, we even have bridge playing areas where you’ll be able to while away the evening hours caught up in the excitement of a tournament. There’s no shortage of entertainment on board!