Built in 2003, Crystal Serenity is one of the highest rated ships in the world. She is part of Crystal Cruises’ fleet of two ships, which has set a new standard in ultra-luxury travel and world exploration. As a mid-size ship, she can accommodate up to 1,070 guests across nine passenger decks.

Best suited to mature travellers seeking good food in a luxurious setting, with good furnishing and attentive service, Crystal Serenity offers a range of amenities and services. From French cuisine to Japanese sushi, a wide range of dining options are available onboard. With a resort casual dress code, she offers a relaxed atmosphere with high standard of service.

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Main Info
  • Children Allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking Some
  • Style Ultra Luxury
  • Decks9
  • Cabins545
  • Size Medium
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins8
  • Crew Members655
  • Refurbished2018
  • CurrencyUSD
Unique Features

Crystal offers a wide range of enrichment programmes in association with their Creative Learning Institute Partners, with leading names in language, music, wellness and wine working with them to create original, varied and unique programmes. Complimentary, progressive courses in association with Berlitz, Yamaha, Cleveland Clinic, Tai chi Cultural Centre and the Society of Wine Educators are also on offer throughout many Crystal Cruises. Available through The Studio.

Computer [email protected]
An industry first. Launched in 1997, it offers contemporary enrichment programmes, more computer stations per guest than any other ship, 24-hour internet access and dedicated teams to instruct on topics ranging from basic computer skills to advanced digital photo finishing and website design.

Crystal Vision Enrichment Programme
Showcasing some of the world’s most celebrated names in topics including art, history, journalism, television, stage, screen, US and foreign diplomacy, as well as food and wine.

Wine & Food Festival at Sea
With celebrity chefs such as Suzanne Goin, Danny Meyer, Marcas Samuelsson, Sam Choy and Andre Soltner accompanied by leading wine experts, these popular themed cruises run throughout the year.

Experiences of Discovery Voyages
First launched in 2009, Crystal offers a series of themed cruises, each focused on a special interest with onboard and shoreside complimentary activities. Popular focuses include photography, ancient civilisations, chance & fortune, mind, body & spirit, jazz, gold, film & theatre, cabaret at sea, big band and ballroom dance.

Crystal Clean Environment
"Crystal Clean" is Crystal Cruises' program of environmentally-friendly initiatives. We spread the "Crystal Clean" message in staterooms and in public areas. At the beginning of every cruise, we print a "Crystal Clean" article in our onboard publication, Reflections, along with our environmental policy. At the same time, we air a video on embarkation day reiterating this message. Various "frequently asked questions and answers" about our practices are also printed in Reflections several times during a cruise. "Crystal Clean" signage is posted on deck and a card regarding conserving energy is posted in every stateroom and suite.

Crystal Cruises is dedicated to preserving the marine environment and oceans upon which our ships sail. The environmental standards that apply to our industry are stringent and comprehensive. Through the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United States and other maritime nations have developed consistent and uniform international standards that apply to all vessels engaged in international commerce. These standards include: The International Convention for the Safety and Life at Sea (SOLAS), the International Marine Pollution Convention (MARPOL) and the International Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). We are also obliged to follow all applicable laws and regulations in each country our ships visit. This especially applies to handling of garbage and hazardous wastes that are landed ashore for disposal. In addition, Crystal Cruises is a member of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which has established its own guidelines that exceed the international IMO requirements which members have agreed to follow.

Sewage / Blackwater

Sewage, or "blackwater" as we refer to it aboard ships, flows to a collection tank and is then pumped into Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) where it is treated. The Marine Sanitation Devices are certified in accordance with U.S. regulations. This biological sewage treatment system is very similar in operation to the municipal wastewater treatment plants in many U.S. cities.

The waste is processed in the MSD to reduce the solids and disinfect the effluent. This treated blackwater is either retained in storage tanks for disposal ashore or discharged overboard according to the very strict guidelines below. In terms of discharge, Crystal strives to exceed environmental regulations.

The municipal wastewater treatment plants of many cities discharge into coastal waters. By national and international regulations, ships cannot discharge treated effluent within three miles of the coast. The cruise industry's standard is to not discharge within four miles from shore. Crystal Cruises, however, has adopted a policy that we will not discharge less than 12 miles from shore. Crystal applies the same 12-mile discharge policy to graywater, which is water collected separately from sinks, showers, tubs and similar sources.

Ballast Water

Ballast water is seawater that has been taken on by the ships to maintain proper stability, and is stored in ballast tanks. Crystal Cruises observes local, national and international regulations regarding the reporting and discharge of ballast water. Appropriate exchange of ballast water is conducted on the high seas more than 200 miles from land when necessary to prevent organisms and bacteria from traveling from beyond their native range and harming local marine ecosystems.

Bilge and Oily Water Residue

Following guidelines set forth by international regulation, Crystal Cruises has installed sophisticated oil-water separation equipment to comply with the discharge requirements for bilge water both in port and at sea. Bilge and oily water is retained and processed by the oily water separator to remove any oil. The oily waste is retained and discharged to a reception facility ashore for proper disposal. Automated monitoring of the oil/water separators and supporting equipment ensures that the processed bilge water discharged has less than 15 parts per million of oil, the maximum allowed in the water discharged at sea. Crystal's policy is to not discharge the processed bilge water less than 12 miles from land. The ships' crews are trained on the proper response and handling of deck and water spills of fuel, lube oil and oily wastes.

Solid Waste Management

Crystal Cruises maintains a strict policy of "Nothing Overboard" and recognizes the importance of having strategies in place to reduce and manage onboard waste. Onshore recycling with approved vendors of all non-biodegradable substances such as glass, aluminum, steel cans and plastics is used whenever possible. In addition, Crystal ensures that hazardous materials are disposed of by reputable onshore disposal companies. Solid waste such as food products and cardboard is burned onboard to the extent possible by incineration. Food waste that cannot be incinerated is discharged shoreside.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste includes photo processing and x-ray fluids, dry cleaning residue, print shop chemicals, and paints, solvents and thinner wastes. This material is disposed of ashore in accordance with national and international laws and regulations. Extensive care and training have also been implemented to eliminate the disposal of chemical wastes in wastewater streams.

Photo chemical waste

Aboard Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, the machines used on board to process and produce photos produce liquid waste that is collected. That waste is then treated on board to remove silver, the only heavy metal or waste in the liquid. Once the silver is removed the waste is certified to be non-hazardous and can be disposed of with normal waste in most ports. 


For more than a decade, fabric laundry, dry cleaning and shoe-shine bags replaced the previously used plastic bags. Paper cups replaced the use of styrofoam cups, wood lint brushes replaced disposable plastic lint removers, and stainless steel ice buckets replaced the previously used plastic buckets. In 2008, Crystal introduced EcoHangers into its laundry presentation on both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity as well as in the latest river ships and yacht. EcoHangers are a 100% recyclable, environmentally sound alternative to the nearly nine billion wire and plastic hangers that fill America’s landfills each year. Crystal also utilizes washable garment bags for laundry distribution, eliminating the use of more than 100,000 plastic bags on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity per year, alone. 

Air Quality

To protect air quality, Crystal Cruises has taken action to minimize smoke emissions. We do not operate incinerators in port and have increased efforts to avoid rapid changes in loads on engines and to operate engines at efficient load levels. Oil burning equipment is closely maintained to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. In addition, we have installed smoke opacity meters so that the ships' engineers can monitor and adjust stack emissions. Fuels with lower sulfur content are used in areas of the world such as the Baltic, North Sea, English Channel, Canada, Alaska and California where regulations or local conditions call for reduced emissions.

Left-over amenities; soaps, shampoos etc.

Crystal has a unique relationship with a company, Clean The World. Clean The World sanitizes and processes the amenities and then redistributes them to the needy in a world-wide relief program. Although there is a fee for this, Crystal feels that the contribution to the needy and the recycling are worth the effort. Currently, Crystal is the ONLY cruise line involved in this excellent recycling and charitable program!

Disabled Facilities

Guests with any disability, including those primarily confined to wheelchairs or scooters, are medically oxygen dependent, are hearing impaired or use service animals, must notify Crystal Cruises at the time of booking as they may be required to submit forms for Release and Indemnity directly to Onboard.

Guest Services
Guests must bring their own wheelchair, electrically powered wheelchair or electric scooter that does not exceed 22" wide. Please note: Crystal Cruises reserves the right to limit the number of electric scooters onboard.

Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were designed to be accessible for the physically challenged, with ramp access to most decks and public areas. Ships’ elevators can accommodate most wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs or electrically-powered scooters that do not exceed 22" wide, allowing access to all public decks. It is strongly recommended that the guest be accompanied by a travelling companion for better access to all areas on and around both Crystal ships, as well as ashore.

Dress Code

Throughout the day, our guests wear a mix of active resort wear. Waterside dining room attire is casual during the day; however, swimsuits, swimsuit cover–ups/robes, baseball hats and denim cutoff shorts are not appropriate. If you choose to change your attire following the evening dinner and other festivities, please maintain a minimum style of dress in keeping with the Crystal Casual dress code. After 6:00 pm, casual daytime attire is not appropriate. Shorts and baseball caps are not permitted for men or women. Guests have two elegant options for preferred evening attire: Crystal Casual and Black Tie Optional. Please refer to the dress codes described in detail below. If you choose to change your attire following the evening dinner and other festivities, please maintain a minimum style of dress in keeping with the dress code described in Crystal Casual.

Crystal Casual Attire

Women’s Crystal Casual includes:

• Blouse

• Sweater

• Dress slacks

• Skirt

• Dress

Winter Suggestion: Warm wraps or evening coats, as well as gloves and scarves for fall and winter months

Men’s Crystal Casual includes:

• Open-collar shirt

• Collared polo shirt

• Button-down shirt

• Dress shirt (no tie required)

• Dress pants/Smart trousers

• Sport coat (optional)

Winter Suggestion: Overcoat, scarves, gloves and hats for fall and winter months

Black Tie Optional Attire (on Crystal Cruises only)

A Black Tie Optional evening offers a celebratory opportunity to dress more formally on a special evening(s). For men, this includes a dark suit with tie, or tuxedo; for women, this includes a formal cocktail dress, evening gown or dressy evening separates. On Black Tie Optional evenings, we request at least a jacket to be worn by men and a dress, skirt or dress slacks and blouse or sweater to be worn by women. Jeans may not be worn in any dining venues or lounges, including the Casino, on Black Tie Optional evenings.

On most voyages, guests can expect the following:

• 7-days (or less) cruises: Crystal Casual only, no Black Tie Optional evenings

• 8– to 10–day cruises: Up to one Black Tie Optional evening

• 11– to 13–day cruises: Two Black Tie Optional evenings

• World Cruises, Holiday voyages and Crossings may be scheduled differently

Please be advised that one night of your itinerary (7 days or longer) will be a designated Crystal White Extravaganza, a signature dance party event with the Crystal showband featuring vocalist, violinist and our Latin dance performers. Dress Code is Crystal Casual (suggested white attire).

For your convenience, the recommended dress code for each evening of your cruise is listed in the daily itinerary section of the Priority Check–in & Planning Center (PCPC) accessible at

Smoking Policy

Aboard all Crystal ships, smoking is allowed in a designated smoking areas only. Smoking is not allowed in public rooms, suites or any area that is not designated as a smoking area. Indoor smoking is permitted only in the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge (aboard Crystal Mozart, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony only) and upon request, in the VIP Casino (during play). Smoking is prohibited in all other indoor areas of the ship including all other public rooms, lounges, corridors and restaurants, as well as all staterooms, suites and verandahs. Please note, if smoke is detected in a stateroom or suite, a cleaning fee of $250 (subject to change) per incident will be billed to your account.

Cigarette smoking (includes Electronic cigarettes)

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity
  • Seahorse pool area, port side only
  • Promenade Deck, port side only

Cigar & Pipe smoking

  • Connoisseur Club on Crystal Endeavor, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony
  • VIP Casino on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony (during play, upon request)
  • Deck 4 on Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel
  • Deck 5, aft, portside on Crystal Esprit
  • Decks 10, 9 and 8 Aft on Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity
  • Deck 11, aft Crystal Serenity

*(Any/all fees are subject to change at any time.)

Special Dietary Requirements

If you require a special diet or need specific food items during your cruise, or if you have any food allergies, we ask that you kindly submit your written dietary requests to our Onboard Guest Services Department by fax to 310-785-3975, or by email to the appropriate Onboard Guest Services team (as noted below based on your cruise/ship) at least 90 days (3 months) prior to sailing. Please also confirm your arrangements with the Food & Beverage staff on the day of embarkation to ensure all is in order. Note, there may be a charge for some special requests, as well as any applicable shipping fees.

Please contact our Onboard Guest Services team with your special dietary requests at:

[email protected]

Age Restrictions

Age restrictions may be applicable within certain areas of the ship, including the casino, spa and gym.

Medical Facilities

On Board Medical Services
Crystal Cruises, Crystal Yacht Cruises and Crystal Expedition Cruises sail with a professional medical staff on board to provide basic medical service/assistance; certain medications may also be available onboard for purchase at reasonable costs . 

Guests requiring ongoing medication, or having specific dietary needs, are advised to bring an ample supply of medication or dietary supplements with them in their carry-on luggage.

Requirements for inoculations often change. Crystal informs you of the health requirements; however, it is your responsibility to have all required vaccinations with a signed International Certificate of Vaccination. We recommend that you contact your personal physician with any health concerns. Failure to comply may result in refusal of passage by Customs and Immigration authorities.

International regulations require Crystal to maintain a list that identifies guests who may require special assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency. In addition, Crystal strives to make certain all guests receive the highest level of personalized service possible while on board. In order to meet both objectives, we ask for your cooperation in providing us with information regarding any special assistance that you may require. Guests who have existing medical conditions and who may require treatment by the ship’s medical staff (aboard Crystal Serenity or Crystal Symphony), or those who may require other types of special assistance due to a mobility disability, must contact Crystal Cruises Onboard Guest Services Department by fax 310-785-3975, email [email protected], or complete and return the Special Assistance form provided in the document package prior to departure.

Aboard Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Endeavor, Portable oxygen tanks and concentrators may be used on board. However, for safety reasons, Crystal’s Onboard Guest Services Department MUST be notified and a completed and approved Release and Indemnity Form received no later than 30 days in advance of the sailing. Liquid oxygen is prohibited on board due to safety concerns. A guest bringing his or her own oxygen equipment must make direct arrangements with an independent medical contractor who has agreed to undertake all required arrangements without involving the ship's onboard Medical Center and its personnel. For a list of approved vendors, please refer to the Onboard Accessibility Guide (available through our Onboard Guest Services Department). The oxygen-dependent guest should travel with a companion who is also completely familiar with the operation of the equipment. The guest is responsible to ensure that the equipment is off-loaded at the end of the cruise.

Oxygen-dependent guests are limited to those cruises on which they can be properly supported by equipment vendors and which have itineraries that will easily allow medical disembarkation if it should be required. The number of oxygen-dependent guests using portable equipment is very limited on any cruise. Requests for oxygen equipment for a specific cruise will be processed by Crystal Cruises’ Onboard Guest Services Department in the order of date received.

Please contact Crystal for use of the above equipment on Crystal River Cruises or Crystal Yacht Cruises voyages.

Safety at Sea

Crystal puts the utmost priority on the safety and security of our guests, crew vessels. Our safety and security policies and procedures meet or exceed SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) requirements, the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification Watchkeeping) and International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) regulations, as mandated by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). Among our safety and security standards are :

• Guest lifeboat drills conducted prior to our ships’ departures.

• Weekly crew safety drills.

• Safety videos are broadcast in English on all stateroom televisions on embarkation day, prior to departure from port.

• Our vessels through extensive safety and material audits by both internal and external entitles. External audits but not limited to; US Coast Guard, Flag State, Local Port Authorities, Classification Society, CDC, etc.

Under International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), security precautions include, but are not limited to, the following measures:

• Guest and crew lists are compared with names of persons of interest provided by U.S. government agencies; all crew members are vetted before they are employed. Government-issued photo I.D.s are required in all ports of call. In addition, key cards, which serve as boarding passes, are given to each guest upon check-in. Access to the ship by all individuals is controlled.

• Critical areas on the ship such as the bridge and technical spaces are designated restricted access areas. Video surveillance cameras and access alarms are installed to ensure these areas remain secure.

• Items brought on board by guests or crew are subject screening by x-ray machines or personal hand inspection by the ship's security staff. Also, non-carry-on baggage is compared to the official guest list and is x-rayed at the loading point prior to be being loaded on board the vessel. Stores and cargo are monitored for unauthorized materials, as appropriate.

• A security plan is prepared for every port of entry, and prior to entry, Crystal Cruises is in contact with local officials to discuss shipboard activities.

We recognize that world events continue to change. As a result, we are in consultation with appropriate U.S. governmental agencies including the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. State Department, our Flag State, the governments of countries our ships are scheduled to visit, port agents, tour operators and our insurance underwriters to ensure that we are taking every reasonable step to recognize and assess potential risks, and to make changes as may be necessary under the circumstances.

We want to remind everyone that accidents are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry, and cruising continues to be one of the safest means of travel among all types of vacationing.

Aerial Drone Camera Usage
Due to the differing local regulatory requirements and restrictions in destinations around the world regarding the use of aerial drones, and in the interest of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all guests and crew aboard all of our ships, please be advised that aerial drones are prohibited and may not be brought on board the ship. They must be surrendered to the Captain at and will be kept in storage for the duration of the cruise.
Luggage Tips

We recommend that you do not lock your luggage due to the Transportation Security Administration’s policy of screening all baggage. However, please be sure to lock your luggage using TSA-approved locks when in transit between airport and ship.

Place personal identification tags on your luggage showing your name, address and phone number printed clearly. Do not lock your luggage. Be aware that unaccompanied luggage may be subject to inspection by customs officials, airline personnel or transportation officials in various countries.

When sending unaccompanied luggage to or from the U.S., we recommend that you do not send medicines, valuables (money, jewelry, important documents, etc.), hazardous materials (items such as perfumes, aerosol cans and polish remover are considered hazardous), film, weapons, liquor, x-rayed materials or items subject to duty purchased outside the U.S. Luggage Concierge luggage services follow all FAA and TSA regulations.

Butlers & Concierges

Butler service is available to guests in categories CP, PS, SP, PH and SH aboard Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony; all categories on Crystal River Cruises and categories S1 through OS on Crystal Esprit. Services offered include packing and unpacking, complimentary pressing, shoeshine and other services, dinner reservations in specialty restaurants (Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity only), shore excursion reservations, salon and spa appointments, and arranging cocktail parties.

Our ships' Concierges are professional affiliates to the Austrian section of the prestigious Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels “Les Clefs d’Or," and our 24-hour Reception Desk staff are available to assist you with any special needs.

In Suite Dining + 24-Hour Room Service
Aboard all Crystal ships, in-suite dining is available 24 hours-a-day from the Room Service menu in your suite directory. Room Service may also be ordered from the Waterside menu during regular dining hours.
Laundry & Valet Services

Complete valet services are available including laundry, pressing and dry cleaning*. Services may be arranged through your Stateroom Attendant or your Penthouse Attendant or Butler. Valet charges are billed to your shipboard account. Pressing is complimentary to guests in categories CP, SP, SH, PS and PH. Complimentary self-service launderettes, including washing machines, detergent, fabric softener, dryers, irons and ironing boards are provided on board all Crystal ships.

*(Dry cleaning available on Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Endeavor only.)

Internet / WiFi

Complimentary internet and Wi-Fi access is available on board throughout all Crystal ships. Crystal encourages you to bring your own device/s with you to use during your voyage. Once on board, please connect to Crystal's complimentary Wi-Fi. Certain applications (apps) available on personal phones and other devices are satellite dependent and thus subject to interrupted availability. All onboard internet traffic travels from the ship to a satellite before returning back to earth to load web pages. While onboard there is no local high-speed internet provider as you would have at home, so intermittent delays and interruptions may occur.

It is not possible to connect your laptop through the shipboard phone system directly to any phone number ashore. In an effort to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy free Wi-Fi services for the duration on their cruise, applications like Skype and certain streaming services are currently not available/supported by the Ship's Wi-Fi service. If your laptop has wireless capacities, you should be able to access the internet aboard all Crystal ships. 

Laptop Rentals
Rental PC laptops are available for your use on board for a nominal daily charge. From these specially configured computers, you can access the Internet as well as your shipboard email from your stateroom. The current schedule of charges is available on board.
Deck Plans
Deck 5 - Crystal

  • Medical Center
  • Concierge Desk
  • Crystal Cove
  • Crystal Plaza
  • Crystal Society
  • Crystal Dining Room

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 5.jpg
Deck 6 - Tiffany

  • Galaxy Lounge
  • Resorts World at Sea Casino
  • Boutiques
  • The Bistro
  • Hollywood Theatre
  • Photo Gallery
  • Pulse
  • Connoisseur Club
  • Avenue Saloon
  • Stardust Club
  • Sports Area

Serenity deck 6.png
Deck 7 - Promenade

  • Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window
  • The Studio
  • Computer University @ Sea
  • Library
  • Bridge Lounge
  • The Vintage Room
  • Century Suite
  • Constellation Suite
  • The Sushi Bar
  • Prego
  • Silk Road Kitchen

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 7.jpg
Deck 8 - Horizon

  • Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 8.jpg
Deck 9 - Seabreeze

  • Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 9.jpg
Deck 10 - Penthouse

  • Penthouse with Verandah and Third Berth
  • Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah
  • Deluxe Pure Stateroom with Verandah

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 10 .jpg
Deck 11 - Penthouse

  • Crystal Penthouse with Verandahs and Third Birth
  • Penthouse suites with Verandahs and Third Birth
  • Penthouse with Verandahs and Third Birth

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 11 .jpg
Deck 12 - Lido

  • Sunset Bar
  • Palm Court
  • Waves Teen Center
  • Fantasia Children's Playroom
  • Seahorse Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Trident Bar & Grill
  • Scoops Ice Cream Bar
  • Tastes
  • Lido Cafe

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 12 .jpg
Deck 13 - Sun

  • Observation deck
  • Wimbledon Court
  • Crystal Salon
  • Fitness Center
  • Crystal Spa

crystal cruises crystal serenity deck 13.jpg
Crystal Penthouse with Verandah

Stylish and elegant, the finest of all Crystal Serenity's suites boasts a deluxe master bedroom, the attentive service of a personal butler, and sweeping views from the sweeping teak verandah.


Enjoy in-suite dining, socializing or simply relaxing in the comfort of your luxurious living room and separate dining area. A built-in bar, Swarovski chandelier, and custom entertainment center with flat-screen HD TV make you feel right at home.


Relax in a luxurious master bedroom that includes a dreamy queen-size bed or twin beds and features you’ll love including his & her walk-in closets, fine Frette linens, television, and private access to the expansive verandah.


Soak in the stunning ocean views from the Jacuzzi of your lavish master bath, which also boasts flat-screen HD TV, heated floor and bench, separate shower and bidet, and decadent marble features. A separate guest bath includes shower and discreet entry.


Extraordinary 24-hour butler service enhances your stay in this remarkable suite. Services include packing and unpacking, free pressing and laundry, in-suite dining, reservations for shore excursions, spa and specialty restaurants and more.

Penthouse Suite with Verandah

Unwind and entertain in the splendid luxury of your Penthouse Suite, featuring elegant living and bath areas, in-suite cocktails and dining, 24-hour dedicated butler service, and dramatic ocean views from your private verandah.


After a day of discovery and enrichment, relax in the sublime comfort of your spacious living and dining area with separate study, or enjoy an amazing ocean sunset and glass of champagne from your own private verandah.


Your luxurious suite features a state-of-the art TV, comfortable queen-sized bed or twin beds with fine bedding and third berth, and generous walk-in closet.


Your bath features refreshing ETRO amenities as well as a relaxing Jacuzzi tub, separate shower and bidet. Unwind and recharge in a sanctuary of solitude.


Relish the comforts of your beautifully appointed suite with 24-hour personal butler service including packing and unpacking, in-suite dining, reservations for shore excursions, spa, specialty restaurants,and more.

Seabreeze Penthouse Suite with Verandah

Feel relaxed and pampered in the understated elegance of your Seabreeze Penthouse suite featuring a luxurious private bedroom, sumptuous bath with large luxury shower and revitalizing body jets.


Invite friends for cocktails and canapés or afternoon tea served by your butler in this stylish suite, where a soothing palette of classic ocean hues and private teak verandah offer an environment of peaceful tranquility.


Sheer relaxation epitomizes the comfort of your luxurious private bedroom that includes queen-size bed or twin beds, walk-in closet, and direct access to your spacious private verandah.


Unique touches of your indulgent, luxury bath include a large deluxe shower with body jets, exclusive ETRO bath and body amenities, bathrobe and slippers, and convenient double vanity.


An attentive butler anticipates your every need, catering to both you and your suite with attentive care. Services include packing and unpacking, in-suite dining, reservations for shore excursions, spa and specialty restaurants.

Penthouse with Verandah

Warm tones, welcome champagne, private verandah and indulgent amenities highlight the luxurious elegance of this spacious suite.


Perfectly designed for ultimate comfort, your Penthouse features an inviting queen-size bed or twin beds with superior bedding, vanity and dressing area, flat-panel HD TV and direct access to private verandah.


Your bath features refreshing ETRO amenities as well as a relaxing Jacuzzi tub and separate rejuvenating shower. Unwind and recharge in a sanctuary of solitude.


Personalized 24-hour butler service means our staff attends to your every need, including unpacking and unpacking upon request, in-suite dining, reservations for spa, dining and shore excursions and more.

Seabreeze Penthouse with Verandah

Families will love the exclusive shared entryway connecting two luxurious, butler-serviced Seabreeze Penthouses. 24-hour room service, in-suite dining, and private teak verandah highlight these fabulous, contemporary suites.


The beautiful living area of the Seabreeze Penthouse includes queen-size bed or twin beds with soft bedding, vanity and walk-in closet, flat-panel HD TV, and in-suite tea or cocktails, canapes and dining from Umi Uma and Prego menus.


The luxurious double-vanity master bath features a large luxury shower with body jets, and exclusive ETRO bath and body amenities, bathrobe and slippers.


Personal butler service pampers our guests with packing and unpacking upon request, in-suite dining, reservations for spa, specialty dining and shore excursions, garment pressing, shoeshine, and more.

Deluxe Stateroom with Verandah

All-inclusive luxury is yours in this elegant, deluxe stateroom with contemporary furnishings, 24-hour room service, glorious bedding and delightful, private verandah.


The stylish Deluxe Stateroom includes a well appointed sitting area, queen-size bed or twin beds, sizable wall closet, and private verandah for morning coffee, stunning views and fresh ocean breezes.


Your well-appointed bathroom features a full bathtub/shower, ETRO bathrobes, kimonos and slippers, and exclusive ETRO bath products.


The gracious services of your stateroom attendant ensure your accommodations are always meticulously attended to with twice daily housekeeping and evening turndown service. And of course, 24-hour room service.

Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window

Travel the world in comfortable luxury in this stylishly-furnished, elegant stateroom featuring deluxe amenities, unobstructed views from a large picture window, and deliciously attentive 24-hour room service.


The well-appointed Deluxe Stateroom includes a welcoming sitting area, queen-size bed or twin beds, spacious wall closet, comfortable deluxe seating with soft leather sofa, and large picture window.


Your elegant, double-vanity bathroom features a full bathtub/shower, ETRO bathrobes, kimonos and slippers, and exclusive ETRO bath products.


Relish 24-hour room service, twice-daily housekeeping and evening turndown service in your inviting Deluxe Stateroom.


Offering a wide range of classic cruise entertainment, Crystal Serenity is deally suited to passengers looking for a relaxing, laid-back approach to entertainment. Heavily featuring celebrity entertainers and speakers, she offers a selection of other activities.

Crystal Cove

A welcoming ambience of contemporary style and warmth, Crystal Cove is host to soft piano music and lively conversation. An ideal setting for pre-dinner cocktails or following a day ashore.


Cocktails and conversations flow freely as you lounge with old and new friends alike, relaxing to the strains of specialty duos, violinists and tunes from the Crystal grand piano.


Fresh mango, muddled raspberries or a zest of ginger. Savor a custom-blended cocktail at the Crystal Cove bar, where something as seemingly simple as an aperitif becomes a stellar event unto itself.

Palm Court
Recalling the glamour-filled Coconut Grove of Hollywood's yesterday with an ultra-contemporary flair, Palm Court sparkles as the crown jewel atop the ship; perfect for tea and socializing by day, and shimmering with live music and dancing by night.


As the late-day sun streams through Palm Court's dramatic wall of windows, savor the refined elegance of that most proper of traditions, Afternoon Tea. Served with a touch of Crystal's contemporary style.


Palm Court dazzles with an inviting, elegant ambience for all manner of social events. Enjoy lectures by day, dancing at night, and moments of peaceful quiet, too.

Avenue Saloon

Dark paneled walls and rich leather club chairs create the perfect space to steal away for a cocktail and conversation. But as the evening rolls on with the crescendo of live piano sing-alongs, a happy camaraderie fills the night.


Adding a dash of modern-day romance to the old-world style of Avenue Saloon are elegant barstools, antique-style trunk tables and custom artwork. A spectacular audio system adds to the clubby vibe of a favorite neighborhood bar.

Stardust Club

In the heart of the ship with panoramic port-to-starboard ocean views, this welcoming space hosts lectures by day, dancing by night and a new Supper Club specialty dining experience periodically throughout each voyage.


Recalling the heyday of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin when supper clubs were all the rage, this exclusive dining experience features performances by the ship's Show Band and featured vocalists.

Galaxy Lounge

Boasting exceptional views from every seat in the house, elaborate stage shows and Broadway-styled productions are performed twice nightly, featuring celebrity guests, comedy revues, classical recitals and more.


They have trained at the best schools and performed on renowned stages. In awe, you’ll watch Crystal's ensemble of award-winning talent, fully appreciating their commitment to bring you the best entertainment at sea.


A partnership with Tony Award®-winning producer Kevin McCollum of "Rent," "Motown: The Musical," "In the Heights" and more, features keynote speakers and/or guest performers as part of our Crystal on Broadway series.


Delight in dazzling performances by “America’s Got Talent” finalist iLuminate, and Crystal’s own choreographed shows including an energetic mash-up of 60’s and 80’s favorites.

Resorts World at Sea Casino

Glittering and stylish with fabulous chandeliers and an air of energized excitement, enjoy thrilling games of chance at Resorts World at Sea casino aboard Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony


Our luxurious and spacious Resorts World at Sea features a full range of table games in a lavish and friendly surrounding. With Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Ultimate Texas Hold em™ and Society Poker games, there's sure to be something for everyone. We also offer a special limit private gaming room to our high rollers which is designed with their every need in mind.


The Resorts World at Sea Casino is well known for a great selection of the most popular Slot and Poker games available today. Experience the glamour and excitement of winning while earning valuable Genting Rewards points. We pride ourselves on offering some of the highest limits and biggest jackpots in the cruise industry. All our machines are set in a comfortable spacious setting with ample staff to attend to your every need.


Join our Genting Rewards program for free today! Your journey of excitement and rewards with Resorts World at Sea begins when you sign up as a Genting Classic member.

Genting Rewards Points are accumulated through play in our gaming areas which can be redeemed for onboard spend. Visit our friendly and knowledgeable executive hosts in the casino for more information on how to join.

Connoisseur Club

Whether you prefer a Monte Cristo or Davidoff with your Courvoisier, your every wish is indulged in the comfortable exclusivity of the Connoisseur Club.

Hollywood Theatre

Inspired by classic, Art Deco movie palaces, the theater features custom-woven acoustic wall paneling and velvet curtains. State-of-the-art Bose and Meyer audio systems and Barco projectors enhance the experience.


Dance the night away to current and favorite chart-topping hits in this chic late-night club. Throughout the voyage, the space also hosts VIP gaming.


A comfortable and quiet spot to read a book (or find one!), peruse picture books and atlases, join in on puzzles, and simply relax.

Avenue of the Stars

From exquisite jewels and high fashion to treasured mementos and resort wear, the boutiques and shops along the Avenue of the Stars feature selections from brands that find a familiar home in a sophisticated yet understated environment.