MS Trollfjord is a homage both to Norwegian nature and our 130-year heritage sailing the Norwegian coast. Locally sourced natural materials such as wood and stone feature prominently throughout the ship’s furnishings, reflecting the beauty of the fjords we sail through. The style of décor is classic, timeless, and unique in our fleet. You’ll notice details and flourishes that evoke a sense of nostalgia, harking back to a golden era of exclusive small-ship sailing.

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Main Info
  • Children Allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking Some
  • Style Expedition
  • Decks7
  • Cabins301
  • Size Medium
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins-
  • Crew Members69
  • Refurbished2023
  • CurrencyNOK
Unique Features

Together with Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA), Hurtigruten is continuing its almost 100 year old tradition of contributing to oceanographic research.

MS Trollfjord is carrying a so-called Ferrybox that automatically collects data from the waters we sail. Every 15 minutes, the scientific station located in the forward port side pump room goes online and pushes valuable environmental data on salinity, temperature, algae, particles, etc. to NIVA. This falls into the proud tradition of Hurtigruten's social responsibility to support science and communities around us.


We also warmly welcome guests with reduced mobility. If needed, our sales consultants will also search for and book suitable hotel rooms for you. You will have to bring along your own standard-sized collapsible wheelchair. If you’re able to get around the ship in a wheelchair unaided, you do not need to travel with a companion. Guests who require assistance will most likely need to travel accompanied. Talk to your travel agent about this.

When the ship stops in a port along the Norwegian coastline, there is always a ramp or a gangway to get you on and off the ship. The only exception is Urke, where we do not dock. Access to this town is only for guests who are going on an excursion. Disembarkation takes place by tender boat, and is therefore not suitable for wheelchair users.

These excursions are not specifically adapted to guests with reduced mobility. Ask our coastal experts when you are on board and they’ll be able to advise you as to which excursions are suitable.

It’s important that you inform us of any mobility challenges when making your booking, so we can make the best possible arrangements for you.

You will need to bring along your own standard-sized collapsible wheelchair, which should be stored in your cabin when not in use. If you’re able to get around the ship in a wheelchair unaided, you do not need to travel with a companion. Guests who require assistance will most likely need to travel accompanied. Talk to your travel agent about this.

Dietary requirements

Special diets (e.g. vegetarian) can be catered for if requested in good time. Passengers on strict diets may find that there is a limited choice.

We now offer a 3-course vegan menu option for the evening meal on our 12-day voyages.

What to wear

On board, dress is informal. Although some passengers choose to change for dinner, the dress code is casual rather than formal. The weather in Norway can vary during the course of each voyage or even during the day. To cater for these variations, we recommend the layered-dress approach that enables you to adapt to changes in temperature, wind and precipitation conditions easily.

For all voyages, we advise you to take breathable rain and windproof clothing. A warm hat, gloves, scarf and thermal clothing can be useful, together with thermal underwear, during the winter months. On land, where it may be icy, sturdy shoes are important for shore excursions and a walking stick/trekking pole may be useful.

Age Restricitons

Hurtigruten ASA cannot accept children under the age of 5 to travel with us to Antarctica. There is no age restriction∘ on our other destinations. For safety reasons, children under 12 years of age will be considered on each landing. It is entirely at the Captain’s discretion to allow children on shore landings.

Smoking Policy

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is only permitted in designated areas on the outside decks. However, all forms of smoking are strictly forbidden even in designated areas when the ship is in port and refuelling. The crew will advise guests when this is the case.  


It is a safety requirement that all Hurtigruten passengers attend a compulsory safety briefing in Bergen and Kirkenes before the ship leaves port. After embarkation, the crew will greet you and conduct the mandatory safety brief at intervals. This will last between 10-15 minutes.

The briefing will include a demonstration of how to put on a life jacket and the instructions to be followed in the unlikely event of an evacuation or other emergency during the voyage. The briefing is compulsory for all passengers including those who have travelled with Hurtigruten before. There will be an opportunity to ask questions if you have any concerns.

Please familiarise yourself with the emergency procedures as shown in the cabins (there is a diagram on the cabin door and in public areas), and ask at reception if in doubt. In many ports, there may be a good deal of activity on the quay with cars joining/leaving the ships and/or goods being loaded or unloaded. Please be alert to such traffic when embarking and disembarking.

Take care during winter months when it is icy underfoot, particularly on the outside decks and when disembarking the ship or alighting from coaches. Ice spikes and other winter clothing can be purchased in the ships store. Do not carry large amounts of cash and keep valuable items, including mobile phones and cameras, out of sight.

Please note the use of passenger-operated drones is not permitted during your voyage. This is for general safety as well as the protection of the vulnerable wildlife and other guests’ personal security.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship. Note that it is limited connectivity, and that both internet and telephones from time to time will be out of range due to the ship's location.

Due to capacity limitations the provided, included Wi-Fi is limited to browsing and not streaming. Please contact the reception if you have any questions related to the Wi-Fi usage.

Car spaces on board

Vehicles onboard coastal voyages must fit the following dimensions:

  • Max Length: 650 cm/ 21.3 ft
  • Max Width: 245 cm/ 8 ft
  • Max Height: 230 cm/ 7.5 ft
  • Max Weight: 5000 kg/ 11,023 lbs

Campervans, minivans and trailers cannot be accepted.

Booking Shore Excursions

We recommend pre-booking excursions to avoid disappointment. You can pre-book excursions up to four weeks prior to departure (2 weeks if paid by credit card) at the rates presented.

Any remaining excursion places will be sold on board. All bookings on board will be charged in Norwegian Kroner at the ship’s exchange rate. The price in local currency may differ due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Please note that all excursions are provisional and subject to change – current weather and sea conditions may affect the viability of certain excursions. Excursions may also be subject to minimum/maximum numbers.  

Pet Cabins
All Norwegian coastal ships have pet cabins with the exception of MS Nordlys, MS Midnatsol and MS Kong Harald. Unfortunately, our Explorer ships (MS Fram, MS Spitsbergen, MS Nordstjernen and MS Roald Amundsen) don’t have pet cabins.

Norwegian and English are the official on-board languages. Some Hurtigruten Guides (or the Tour Leaders on board MS Vesterålen), personnel at the reception and service crew often also speak German.

Most of our excursions are guided in two or three languages. Please contact the Hurtigruten Guides or Tour Leader on board for further information.

Laundry rooms with washing machines, dryers and irons are available on all ships. Tokens can be purchased at reception.
Medical assistance
There is no doctor or pharmacy on board. However, officers are trained in first aid and can provide emergency medical assistance. The ships are also close to land should urgent medical assistance be required.
Environmental commitment

Hurtigruten’s environmental efforts are tied to our strategic six-point policy;

  1. That environmentally-oriented measures are identified and implemented in day-to-day operations.
  2. That focus is directed specifically at the marine environment.
  3. That we specify requirements for subcontractors and contractual partners.
  4. That our communications concerning our own environmental performance are open and complete.
  5. That we ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of our environmental work.
  6. That we do not leave any permanent traces behind us in vulnerable areas.

As a traveller with Hurtigruten, your contribution to environmental care is welcome. We have garbage sorting aboard all ships, and we encourage you to turn off lights when leaving the cabin and unplug electrical transformers when not in use.

In 2018, we banned all single-use plastic on board our fleet. When ashore, bring your litter back to the vessel or dispose at designated places. We are often near wildlife on our voyages. Please heed the advice of your Tour Leader/Expedition Leader and excursion guide and strive to act in a way that does not alter the wildlife’s natural behaviour.

Young Explorers FAQ

How can I book my child on to Young Explorers?

You can sign up onboard. Availability varies per ship and is based on a minimum number of participants.

How much does the programme cost?

The programme is free of charge. 

How long is the programme?

The full programme is spread over 10 days of our 12-day Classic Roundtrip Voyage. Each day features a different theme, and children are welcome to join whenever they want during their voyage of any length. 

What is the age range?

The age range is 6 to 13 years old, but older children are welcome. Younger children can attend if accompanied by a parent. 

Which languages are spoken?

English and Norwegian 

Do I need to accompany my child?

Our organisers can run the programme without parents or guardians present. However, parents are welcome to accompany their children during the programme and join in with activities. Depending on the number of children, we may need to ask a few parents to attend as well. 

Deck Plans
Deck 9

  • Observation Deck
  • Hot Tubs
  • Bar
  • Sauna
  • Fitness Room
  • Lounge & Bar

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 9 .png
Deck 8

  • Library
  • Espolin Johnson Lounge
  • Coastal Experience Team
  • Rost Arctic Fine Dining
  • Lounge & Bar

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 8.png
Deck 7

  • Suites & Cabins

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 7.png
Deck 6

  • Outdoor Walking Deck
  • Suites & Cabins

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 6.png
Deck 5

  • Flora Restaurant
  • Brasserie Arran
  • Shop
  • Lecture Hall
  • Lecture Rooms (2)

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 5.png
Deck 4

  • Laundry
  • Gangway
  • Reception 
  • Luggage 
  • Cabins

Hurtigruten Coastal Express MS Trollfjord Deck 4.png
Expedition Suite | Owners suite on upper deck

For unmatched luxury, you’ll want the owners suite. Exclusive to the upper deck, they consist of a comfortable lounge and the bedroom with ensuite bathtub. The added wow-factor is a private balcony from where you can watch the Norwegian coast go by. Image for illustration only.

Expedition Suite | Grand suite on upper deck

The second largest suite on the ship has a dedicated seating area plus a bedroom with an ensuite. Most have bay windows, some have a bathtub, and a few have private balconies. Image for illustration only.

Expedition Suite | Suite on upper deck

These elegant suites come with a seating area as standard, in addition to the bedroom and ensuite. Most feature a private balcony where you can enjoy the fresh sea air. Image for illustration only.

Expedition Suite | Mini suite on middle deck

Smaller but by no means less stylish, mini-suites still sport a king-size bed to send you off to sleep after a busy day exploring the Norwegian coast. Most have a sofa to relax on as well. Image for illustration only.

Arctic Superior | Upper deck for 2 travellers

Relax and watch the fjords and mountains of the Norwegian coast from your own window in this cabin. Beds are either a double or a twin with one bed converting into a sofa. Image for illustration only.

Arctic Superior | Middle decks for two travellers

These comfy cabins offer a room with a view and easy access to the restaurant, bistro, activity centre, and lecture halls. Some windows look out onto the mid-level walking deck. Image for illustration only.

Arctic Superior | Wheelchair accessible cabin for up to 3 travellers

More information coming soon.

Polar Outside | Middle deck for 2 travellers

These comfortable cabins are unchanged by the recent 2023 refurbishment, for guests who want a classic experience. They all enjoy full, unobstructed views of the passing scenery. Image for illustration only.

Polar Outside | Middle deck for 2 travellers

A standard cabin grade with twin beds, of which one converts to a sofa. The view from the porthole may be blocked, partially covered, or look out onto the mid-level walking deck. Image for illustration only.

Polar Outside | Lower deck for 2 travellers

Similar to the cabins on the middle decks, these also come with twin beds with one of the beds converting to a sofa. Likewise, the view from the window may be limited or blocked. Image for illustration only.

Polar Outside | Middle deck for up to 3 travellers
These cabins allow for up to three people to share the room. Of the three single beds, one converts into a sofa and one is an upper berth. The porthole gives a limited or no view. Image for illustration only.
Polar Inside | Middle deck for 2 travellers

Simple and functional, these are cosy cabins with twin beds, with one doubling up as a sofa during the day. Or the two single beds will be arranged one above the other. Image for illustration only.


In between ports, be as active as you choose. Expect show cooking from our chefs, handicraft sessions in the library, and thought-provoking presentations that you can watch in person or livestream to your cabin.

Regular photography workshops reveal tips for shooting the perfect image, from capturing the Northern Lights to zooming in on polar wildlife. When you feel confident, you can hire camera equipment on board and practice what you learnt on your next on-shore excursion.


Your culinary experience on MS Trollfjord extends to the Bar too. Settle down in a comfortable chair behind the huge windows on the two-storey observation deck and take your pick of drinks laced with the flavours and remarkable stories of the Norwegian coast. Perhaps a Nordic-themed cocktail made with berries picked along the coast, beer brewed with water from Trollfjord, spirits distilled with glacial water, or something from the a wide selection of Norwegian aquavit – including our very own. There’s no better place to watch that extraordinary scenery slip by.


In our on-board shop you can buy modern clothing suitable for your voyage. Our Expedition Team will be happy to give you expert advice on how to dress properly.

We offer a great range of both warm and practical clothing, and we focus on fabrics with natural fibres. We also offer souvenirs, handicrafts, and postcards. In addition, we also stock a small selection of soap, toothpaste and other personal effects.


The ship has a small selection of books on different topics that is available to guests while on board.

Observation Deck
The ship has spacious outdoor areas. They are perfect vantage points to sit back, relax and watch the world go by.
Pool Deck

Located on Deck A.