The sheer scope of the ship can take the breath away. She is more reminiscent∘ of a floating city: spread over 14 passenger∘ decks, and catering for more than 3,500 guests, it can be easy to forget that she is, ultimately, a ship. Her size is reflected by her onboard amenities: guests will find five restaurants waiting for them, alongside two self-service buffets, and 21 bars. Entertainment is an equally important part of life on the ship, as she houses four swimming pools, dedicated children's areas, and even a F1 simulator. Younger passengers and families will no doubt find themselves right at home aboard. 

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Main Info
  • Children Allowed
  • Nursery -
  • Smoking Some
  • Style Resort
  • Decks14
  • Cabins1637
  • Size -
  • Ship Type Ocean
  • Wheelchair Cabins43
  • Crew Members1370
  • Launch Year2008
  • CurrencyUSD
Unique Features

MSC are the first line to implement∘ their unique experience∘ system. There are four different 'experiences' to choose from when booking the holiday, each comes with specially designated rooms and benefits. The options are: Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea.

Disabled Facilities

Guests with special needs should∘ inform MSC Cruises∘ of their needs, ideally, at the time of booking, or at the very latest, no more than seven days before departure.

Accessible Cabins are available, and should be requested at the time of booking.

All decks, public areas and tenders have been designed to be as accessible as possible for guests with reduced mobility.

Wheelchairs are available onboard to assist with embarkation or disembarkation only in the case of an emergency.

In the interest of safety, guests with hearing impairments must travel with a carer. Passengers with partial hearing disabilities can travel alone, as long as they request the installation of a TDD System kit in their cabin. This kit is available across the whole fleet, but only in limited numbers.

Trained, certified and healthy guide dogs are allowed onboard, assuming that they possess all documentation for entering any and all foreign countries visited during the course of the voyage.


The medical facilities and equipment onboard∘ may not be adequate enough to deal with a birth or any pregnancy complications. Therefore, for safety reasons, MSC are unable to admit any women onboard who have reached or exceeded their 24th week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise.

Dietary Requirements

Any guests with food intolerances and/or allergies are asked to inform MSC Cruises of their requirements through the Special Needs form (available online). Once onboard, guests must confirm their needs at the Reception, and with the Maitre d'Hôtel.

Dress Code

Casual wear is advised is advised for life onboard and shore excursions. For informal evenings, summery dresses for women and a lightweight jacket for men are recommended. For Gala evenings and Parties, slightly more formal dress is advised. For any formal evenings, cocktail dresses for ladies, and a lightweight suit or dinner jacket for the gentlemen onboard.

MSC Cruises advise bringing a jumper or shawl in your luggage to be prepared for changes in temperature in-between the air conditioned interior of the ship and the deck areas.

For visits to religious sites, appropriate clothing is recommended. This means covering knees, shoulders, and no low-cut tops.

Improving Air Quality from Ship Emissions

MSC Cruises is making significant investments into improving air quality. As part of a broader approach to limit sulphur and other emissions in ports and in specific operating areas, we are taking various steps to improve our performance.

All of our newly-built ships either have hybrid Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems∘ (EGCS) installed or will be fuelled by LNG. For the longer-serving ships in our fleet, we have a robust retrofitting programme focused on equipping our older ships with hybrid EGCS technology.

Our hybrid EGCS systems can operate in a in open or closed loop, and achieve a higher level of emission reductions than using marine ultra-low sulphur fuel to comply with the regulations.

If we’re not using an EGCS, we are using ultra low-sulphur fuels in all ports in Europe and while underway in sensitive locations.

By the end of 2019:

- 11 of 17 MSC Cruises ships will be equipped withexhaust gas cleaning systems

- 74% of our total berths will be covered by exhaust gas cleaning technology

What is an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System?

An EGCS quite literally ‘cleans’ the exhaust gas, actively removing particles and certain emissions from the engine exhaust. The system consists of several components∘, the most important acting as a network of showers that ‘washes’ the exhaust gas, removing up to 97% of the sulphur dioxide and greatly reducing particulate matter. Our newest ships MSC Bellissima, MSC Seaview, MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia, have all been delivered with such systems installed.

Shore-to-ship power

To help reduce in-port emissions, our latest classes of ships are designed for shore-to-ship power supply. Port authorities∘ around the world are increasingly studying this option and we consider this to be another technology that can potentially help reduce air emissions in port areas. All our cruise ships coming into service from 2017 onwards are already equipped to receive shore side power. In addition, we are prepared to retrofit our existing ships as necessary should shore-to-ship power systems become more widely available.

Energy Saving Technology Onboard

Voyage planning software

An optimised itinerary means a reduced consumption of energy. We plan our itineraries efficiently and use specialised software to optimise sailing routes and berthing times.

Trim optimisation

Optimising trim requires constant readjustment. Our ships are equipped with a software application to monitor and optimise∘ trim in real-time. This technology supports ship officers to keep the vessel’s trim optimised to reduce fuel consumption and improve performance.

Anti-fouling paint

Ships are naturally prone to barnacles algae and marine organisms. These can increase drag and make vessels less efficient. By using anti-fouling paint on the hulls of all the ships, we keep them as streamlined as they can be. It’s TBT-free: we strive to keep toxic substances as far from the ocean as possible.

High efficiency appliances

Reducing our carbon footprint is not just about grand gestures; everyday electricity use is equally important. Energy-efficient appliances including refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers across our fleet help us keep our carbon footprint lower.

Energy saving LED lighting

Our ships only use energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting, saving energy by producing the same amount of light per bulb at a lower wattage.

Smart heating, ventilation & air conditioning system (HVCA)

The HVAC systems on board our ships are designed to reduce energy consumption. They distribute heat and cold intelligently, and are set up to recover heat from warmer areas of a ship in order to heat those which need it more.

Energy Efficiency and Advanced Ship Design

From the first line we draw on paper when we design a new ship, to the final light bulb we install, energy efficiency is always the first element we take into consideration.

We have one of the most modern fleets at sea and have designed and developed six different ship classes. Every class always pushes the level of excellence of the earlier ship.

When we build new ships, we don’t build copies of existing models. For every new class of ship we completely revise the design of our ships to achieve optimal efficiency. We rethink the ship’s overall structure, deck space, weight distribution including the ship’s hull, rudder and bulbous bow to reach optimal hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, and maximise energy and fuel efficiency.

MSC Meraviglia carries 20% more guests than our Fantasia Class but requires the same amount of energy.

Water Preservation

Fresh water is a finite resource. Our philosophy∘ is to use it sparingly and efficiently. To this end, we take as many steps as possible to reduce our water consumption. From technologies to reduce water usage, to awareness campaigns on board our ships to encourage water responsibility, MSC Cruises leads the way with water preservation.

As a general rule, we do not take away water from ports and coastal∘ communities: virtually all water we use on board is self-produced.

Fresh Water Production Plants∘ are present across our entire fleet. While our most recent ships have high performance water production technologies as standard, our oldest class of ships have been recently upgraded with modern high efficiency systems with increased water production capacity.

On a cabin level, we equip all our ship with vacuum lavatories, which require very little flushing water.

We produce thousands of litres of fresh tap water per day from seawater. On our largest ships, we have the capacity to produce over 2 million litres of tap water per day. Doing this sustainably is an essential part of our philosophy on water and the sea.

From Wastewater to High Quality Water Discharges

No black wastewater from our shipboard operations leaves our ships without proper treatment and any discharges from our fleet undergo a comprehensive purification process.

In 2008, when launching our Fantasia Class∘ of ships, we started to equip our ships with Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems. An Advanced Waste Water Treatment System treats waste water to a very high quality by mixing different waste streams together and filtering out the larger components. What comes out on the other end then gets processed even further through very fine filtration and treatment processes, to produce water discharges of a higher standard than most municipal wastewater requirements around the world.

Through our AWTS systems, hazardous substances and pollutants are filtered out and digested by bacteria. To avoid risking harm to marine life, the remaining purified wastewater is disinfected by UV processing∘ and never chlorine. We monitor key indicators to ensure any remaining bacteria levels are favourable before discharge.

As a result of this process, the wastewater that we discharge reaches near tap water quality.

The separated solid residue is removed from the cycle. It is then dried, compacted and compressed into high-grade pellets. These pellets can act a source of fuel for specific onboard energy needs. Depending on the cruise itinerary, we may also offload this dried biomass ashore, where it can be repurposed for energy production.

Other liquid waste that may be hazardous to the environment such as cooking oil, oily water, machinery lubricants and cleaning products are never discharged into the sea, but are offloaded ashore by authorised companies.

Our Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems process wastewater to near tap water quality.

Protecting Marine Life with Ballast Water Treatment Systems

To protect the marine ecosystem in which the ship sails, our ships are fitted with a ballast water treatment system that complies with the standards∘ set by the international governing body for Ballast Water Management, the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This system prevents against the involuntary introduction of invasive marine species.

State-of-the-Art Solid Waste Management

Throughout the years, we have taken voluntary steps to equip our ships with state-of-the-art solid waste management∘ and recycling facilities on board. We manage our waste streams in accordance with CLIA’s sound environmental principles and comply with all regulatory MARPOL requirements to prevent marine pollution.

All organic waste, as well as recyclable disposable∘ items including plastics, metals, paper and glass, are collected and separated by specially trained waste handling crew members. Waste is compacted, separated or incinerated, and residual waste is carefully delivered to dedicated port facilities.

Training our crew, not only to handle waste, but to understand the importance of waste management, is central to what we do. Our crew members receive ongoing training to ensure they remain abreast of the highest standards.

As we welcome over 2 million guests on board our ships, solid waste or “garbage” management is a key area of focus and our practices aim at reducing, reusing, recycling the waste we generate. Our ships are equipped with a comprehensive and coherent system to manage all waste aspects on board and ashore and every ship has a waste management plan that details how each type of waste is managed on board.

Every ship in our fleet has an Environmental Officer to make sure our Environmental Plan is correctly executed and is in charge of the onboard garbage management. The Officer has the duty to instruct and train the Crew about garbage management rules on board.

Eliminating Single-use Plastics

Under our Plastics Reduction Programme, MSC Cruises is in the final phase of effectively eliminating an extensive number of plastic items from all its ship operations and ashore, and will replace them with environmentally-friendly solutions.

As a first step, the Company∘ has already replaced all plastic straws with 100% compostable and biodegradable substitutes. Moreover, drinks are no longer automatically be served with a straw. Guests who may require a straw will still be able to choose from a variety of environmentally-friendly options.

MSC Cruises∘ is working with a range of international and local suppliers in areas where the ships are deployed and is providing eco-friendly alternatives made of 100% biodegradable resins, consisting of renewable resources including corn- or sugar-based polylactic acid, bamboo, paper or other organic materials. In addition, the Company is also actively working with suppliers at all levels in the supply chain to effectively remove single-use plastics in products and packaging∘ wherever possible.

This is an ongoing journey and when technology doesn’t yet allow for sustainable non-plastic substitution, MSC Cruises∘ wants to ensure all remaining disposable plastic waste items are recycled correctly.  

Exploring New Technologies and Solutions

Our environmental efforts are an ongoing journey. We will keep exploring and developing new solutions for our future – and existing – ships and will be fitting our fleet with even more innovative solutions for a lower environmental impact.

We will be powering some of our future ships with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Compared to standard marine diesel using conventional fuel, LNG reduces SOx emissions by more than 99% and NOx emissions by up to 85%. It also largely eliminates particulate matter in the exhaust.

Our first LNG-powered ship will enter into service in 2022. Others will follow in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2027.

Despite its benefits, only a few ports globally can accommodate LNG bunkering operations currently. We will continue to show commitment to this innovative fuel and remain confident that the current supply chain challenges will be overcome.

While we believe that LNG∘ is one of the key elements that will allow us to continue reducing the cruise industry’s impact on the environment, it is by no means the only one.

In addition, we will be equipping all of our future new builds with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. SCR technology helps reduce nitrogen∘ oxide (NOx) into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water through advanced active emissions control technology.

MSC Grandiosa will be our first ship equipped with SCR technology. All following ships will be fitted with this technology.

Our environmental concern is part of our ongoing journey. We will keep exploring and developing new solutions for our future – and existing – ships and will be providing our fleet with even more innovative∘ solutions for a lower environmental impact. 

Deck Plans
Deck 18 - Sun Deck

  • Top 18 Solarium area
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • MSC Yacht Club Area

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 18.jpg
Deck 16 - Aurora

  • MSC Yacht Club Area
  • Sliding Roof
  • Liquid disco
  • Shuffleboard
  • MSC Sports Area
  • Solarium area
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • Royal Suites
  • Deluxe Suites
  • Accessible Deluxe Suites
  • 4D Cinema
  • F1 Simulator

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 16.jpg
Deck 15 - Splendido

  • Deluxe Suites
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • Power Walking Track
  • Teen Disco
  • Kids Club Area
  • Children's Pool & Waterslide
  • MSC Yacht Club Restaurant
  • MSC Yacht Club Private Pool & Bar

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 15.jpg
Deck 14 - Miraggio

  • MSC Aurea Spa
  • The Pools
  • Pool Bars
  • Aqua Park
  • Self Service Buffet Restaurants- Zanzibar & L'Africana

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 14.jpg
Deck 13 - Arcobaleno

  • Balcony Cabins
  • Interior Cabins

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 13.jpg
Deck 12 - Incanto

  • Balcony Cabins
  • Accessible Balcony Cabins
  • Executive Suites
  • Interior Cabins
  • Accessible Interior Cabins
  • Suites

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 12.jpg
Deck 11 - Meraviglia

  • Suites
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Accessible Balcony Cabins
  • Interior Cabins
  • Accessible Interior Cabins

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 11.jpg
Deck 10 - Sogno

  • Suites
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Accessible Balcony Cabins
  • Interior Cabins
  • Accessible Interior Cabins

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 10.jpg
Deck 9 - Radioso

  • Suites
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Accessible Balcony Cabins
  • Interior Cabins
  • Accessible Interior Cabins
  • Atrium

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 9.jpg
Deck 8 - Favola

  • Oceanview Cabins
  • Balcony Cabins
  • Accessible Balcony Cabins
  • Interior Cabins
  • Accessible Interior Cabins
  • Atrium

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 8.jpg
Deck 7 - Sublime

  • Theatre Upper level
  • Promenade Deck
  • Art Gallery
  • Jazz Bar
  • Sports Bar & Bowling Alley
  • Coffee Bar
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • L'insolito lounge
  • Photo Shop
  • La Cantina Toscana Wine Bar & Pizzeria
  • Transatlantico Piano Bar
  • El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 7.jpg
Deck 6 - Magnifico

  • Theatre Lower Level
  • Casino
  • The Cigar Lounge
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Vele Lounge & bar
  • Excursion Office
  • Sweet Shop
  • Il Cerchio d’Oro Restaurant
  • Red Velvet Restaurant Upper Level

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 6.jpg
Deck 5 - Fantasia

  • Cyber Cafe
  • Red Velvet Restaurant Lower Level
  • Fantasia Bar
  • Reception
  • Ocean View Cabins
  • Accessible Ocean View Cabins
  • Interior Cabin

MSC Fantasia Class Fantasia Deck 5.jpg
MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite

Features a double bed, which can be converted∘ in to two singles. Also includes: air conditioning, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom∘ with bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

MSC Yacht Club Executive & Family Suite

Features a panoramic∘ sealed window. Also includes: a double bed which can be converted in to two singles, air conditioning, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite
  • Comfortable double bed or single beds (on request)
  • Ample wardrobe
  • Bathroom with bathtub and vanity area with hairdryer
  • Wifi connection included
  • Interactive TV, telephone, safe and minibar
  • Surface approx. 26 sq.m, the balcony is approx. 6 sq.m.

Discover a world of privileges with MSC Yacht Club

*Available starting from Summer 2020.

Size, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category).

The image is representative only.

Deluxe Suite

Features a double bed, which can be converted in to two singles. Also includes: air conditioning, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom∘ with bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Balcony Cabin

Features a double bed, which can be converted∘ in to two singles. Also includes: air conditioning, spacious wardrobe, bathroom with shower or bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Ocean View Cabin

Features a porthole∘ and double bed, which can be converted∘ in to two singles. Also includes: air conditioning, bathroom with shower, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Inside Cabin

Features a double∘ bed, which can be converted in to two singles. Also includes: air conditioning, bathroom with shower, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Aurea Suite

Features either a balcony or panoramic∘ sealed window. Also includes; a double bed which∘ can be converted∘ in to two singles, air conditioning, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Super Family

Features a panoramic∘ sealed window. Also includes: a double bed which can be converted in to two singles, air conditioning, walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, wi-fi internet connection∘ (for a fee), mini-bar, safe deposit box.

Suite with Panoramic Sealed Window

Features a panoramic∘ sealed window, sitting area with sofa, spacious wardrobe∘, comfortable∘ double or single beds (on request), interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), safe and minibar, bathroom with bathtub , vanity area with hairdryer


MSC Cruises’ uncompromising dedication∘ to its passengers is nowhere more evident than the unrivalled entertainment programmes and facilities offered on board, with its state-of-the-art 1600 seat Theatre, futuristic Disco and Casino∘ with over 1000 square metres of casino gaming and Virtual World, video games room.

Teatro L'Avanguardia

The 1,600 seat Theatre Lounge found onboard offers at least 6 different shows, and spans two decks. The seats are tiered, allowing guests to enjoy some of the most varied shows found at sea with the best view possible.

Main production shows are shown at 8.00pm for guests on 1st dinner seating and 10.15pm for those on 2nd dinner seating.

Two decks high and located on decks 6 and 7, it features Broadway style shows, illusionists, dancing on ice shows and circus extravaganzas.

During the day it also hosts bingo games and conferences

Sports Bar

The name says it all; onboard passengers are unlikely to find a better place to relax and catch a game. There's a wide variety of sport shown here, from football to cricket, basketball to ice hockey, something to suit all tastes. Passengers will find a variety of alcoholic and soft drink awaiting, all of which are complimented by a sports-inspired menu, serving up dishes from all around the world.

The Sports Lounge on deck 7 is a multi-screen themed sports bar with seating for 87 passengers.

Featuring a customised drinks menu and snacks, it is also home to the two lane bowling alley which attracts a charge of €6 per game.

Casino Delle Palme

The Casino, seating 323 features Roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines. It is served by its own bar.

Manhattan Jazz Bar

The Manhattan Jazz Bar has seating for 106 visitors and features live jazz music along with a special range of 'made to measure' drinks.

Le Vele Cocktail Bar

The Cocktail Bar∘ overlooks the central atrium and is located on deck 6 serving the foyer area. It can seat up to 98 guests who can enjoy the musical entertainment from the bottom of the atrium.

Fantasia Bar

The Bar∘ is on deck 5 by the central atrium with 28 seats.

Guests can enjoy a drink here whilst listening to classical piano music, string quartets and singers.

The Cigar Lounge

The Cigar Lounge∘ is located on deck 6 and is the ship's smoking room with a bar for guests to purchase a range of fine spirits from to enjoy with their cigars, seating 31 passengers.

Il Transatlantico Piano Bar

The ship's Piano and Martini Bar, Il Transatlantico, seats 108 and is located on deck 7.

The Pool Bars

The Pool bars are located by the Pool on deck 14.

Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar

The ship's coffee shop∘ serves a selection of cakes and desserts.

It is located on deck 7 with room for 58 passengers.

Sweet Shop

La Caramella, on deck 6, is the ship's candy∘ and confectionary shop, featuring a large variety of pic ‘n’ mix sweets along with a small selection of toys all at duty free prices.


The ship boasts a variety of shops and boutiques. 

From the MSC Logo shop that sells MSC clothes, souvenirs and toys, La Profumeria selling a range of cosmetics and perfumes including Dior and Marc Jacobs.

La Boutique, on deck 6 sells men's, women's and children's fashion with brands including Polo, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Armani, and the L'Angolo Dell'Oggetto sells sunglasses, watches and fashion jewellery on deck 6 also.

The Duty Free Shop sells a range of tobaccos, liquors and snacks and is located on deck 6.

Photo Shop

The Photo Shop is located on deck 7. Photos captured by the ship's professional photographers both on board and ashore can be viewed in the adjoining Photo Gallery area and purchased in the photo shop.

Cyber Cafe

Guests can access the internet and their emails either using their own portable wireless devices or via the ship's Cybercafe on deck 5 opposite the Bar, where guests can use the 15 stations to access the internet. Charges are 15 cents per minute or if preferred a package of minutes may be purchased.  

  • €12 for 60 minutes
  • €19 for 100 minutes
  • €45 for 30 minutes
  • €59 for 480 minutes
  • €145 for 1440 minute

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery features a selection of artwork from fine prints, lithographs, water colours and oils which can be purchased during the ship's champagne art auctions.

It is located outside the Sports Bar and Jazz Bar on deck 7.

4D Cinema

Fantasia’s 4D ten seat cinema, with 3D graphics and moving seats to enhance guests' experience, is located on deck 16 aft and costs around €7.90 per viewing.

F1 Simulator

The Formula One Simulator on deck 16 offers guests the chance to experience racing a Formula one car around a variety of tracks.

It costs around €9.90 per ride and children must be 3'6" or taller to use it.

La Cantina Toscana

La Cantina Toscana is Fantasia’s Wine Tasting Bar with tapas and live music and can be found on deck 7 of the ship with seating for 105 guests.

Each day special wine tastings are accompanied by different bites of food, such as fried polenta with cream cheese, bruschetta and other specialties as guests are guided through the wine selection by experienced sommeliers.

Liquid Disco

Liquid Disco on deck 16 is the ship's nightclub served by its own bar. During the day activities such as aerobics and dance lessons take place here.


L’Insolito on deck 7 seats 268 guests and is the ship's show lounge with its own bar and dance floor. Entertainment on offer ranges from bingo to international dance music.

MSC Yacht Club

The Fantasia class MSC ships feature a "ship-within-a-ship" area called the MSC Yacht Club. This private club area is forward on decks 15, 16, and 18.

An exclusive haven of refinement- a place where you can savour exclusivity and privacy in a world of choice. Where you can indulge in the luxury of a private club, while enjoying access to the myriad recreation and entertainment possibilities that the rest of the ship affords.