Future Cruise Credit Q&A

In this article we will provide a detailed explanation of Future Cruise Credits, how they differ from a cash refund and how you can use them to get some great extra value for future cruise bookings. If you have a Future Cruise Credit and you have booked elsewhere then we can book your new cruise at a discounted price.

As a 25 year old family cruise and travel specialist, we are still here working seven days a week to help our customers rebook their holidays and secure refunds.

Many travel agents, cruise lines and tour operators have reduced their hours and in some cases temporarily closed. TUI and Hays Travel have closed their shops leaving their customers having to find their own answers and it has been very difficult for passengers to get through to the suppliers by phone. Sometimes you might be on hold for hours and then get cut off. We would like to help you whether you booked with us or not.

Why use your cruise credits with Ocean World Travel?

1. We discount almost every cruise or holiday we sell so it's usually cheaper to book with us than direct with the supplier.

2. We have well trained friendly staff with many years of experience

3. It is easy to speak to a friendly human being on the phone.

4. We are a member of ABTA so your money is safe with us.

5. We have close links with the cruise lines and operators so we can help you try to get your money back if necessary.

Cruise Refund Entitlements - Cruise Credit or Cash?

If you have booked with an ABTA bonded operator or cruise line then usually if your holiday is cancelled you are entitled to receive a full refund within 14 days. Covid-19 has created unprecedented turmoil within the travel industry. Most people realise that if they pushed for refunds at this stage the travel industry would collapse and there would be mass bankruptcies so ABTA are giving travel companies time to refinance. To reduce the number of refunds many companies are offering Future Cruise Credits.

What if I want a refund for my cancelled cruise?

For those travellers who would prefer a refund, ABTA have created credit notes. The ABTA credit note means that your money continues to be protected by ABTA while you are waiting for your refund. The credit note means that you could book another holiday using your credit note or apply for a refund after the 1st August 2020. ABTA hopes that this will help its members to survive the crisis. We all want to continue to go on holiday and to do that we must protect the travel industry. Travel company collapses can be avoided by being patient for your refund. If you booked with an ABTA bonded tour operator or cruise line then your money is protected, so please don’t panic.

What is a Future Cruise Credit, Future Cruise Certificate or FCC and how can I get one?

A Future Cruise Credit or FCC is a credit note or gift voucher that you can use to buy all or part of a new holiday. Cruise lines such as P&O Cruises, Cunard, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines are issuing them. If you have a P&O Cruise Credit it must be used for a P&O Cruises cruise. If your holiday was cancelled by the cruise line then they will automatically issue you with an FCC.

Refund or Future Cruise Credit?

There is usually an incentive to take a Future Cruise Credit rather than a refund such as receiving an extra 25%. For example if you paid £4000 for your holiday some companies will issue an cruise credit for £5000. Please call us and we can tell you what you are entitled to.

What can I use my Future Cruise Credit or FCC for?

1. In general you need to make a new cruise booking with the same cruise line. You do not have to use the same travel agent. Your Cruise Credit is linked to your cruise line loyalty club membership number. For example an FCC issued by P&O Cruises is attached to your Peninsular Club number. If you booked it directly with the cruise line you can now get a discounted cruise price by booking with us. So you save even more money!

2. You can gift your Cruise Credit to someone else so it would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.

3. You can upgrade your cabin for a future cruise that you have already booked.

4. You can book an extra cabin for a friend on a cruise that you are already going on.

5. If you don’t spend all of your FCC on the first booking you make then the balance will be available for you to use before 31st December 2021 to book another cruise.

What if my Future Cruise Credit is worth more or less than the cruise I want to book?

1. If your cruise is higher in value than your FCC then you can use the FCC as the deposit and pay the balance when it is due under the normal cruise lines terms and conditions.

2. Depending on the individual cruise lines conditions unspent credit can be saved for another booking, can be gifted or can sometimes be used on an existing booking. If you have several cruises booked and so it will be difficult for you to book more, some cruise lines are being flexible and allowing them to be used on a current booking.

Why is it better to have a Future Cruise Credit or FCC than a refund?

1. Most of us cruise more than once a year or at least once a year so to get an extra 25% back is in many cases a substantial amount. Perhaps you could book a suite on your next cruise!

2. Refunds are currently coming through very slowly but you can use the FCC straight away. This means that you can take advantage of the best fares and availability because you can book early for 2021 and 2022.

3. It takes away the stress and worry of waiting for a refund.

4. If you gift it then you don’t need to worry about the Christmas gift for the ‘difficult to buy for’ loved one.

5. We are doing lots of bookings for 2021 and 2022. This reduces availability and can cause prices to rise and it might be difficult to book last minute next year.

6. It helps the travel industry and protects our cruise line partners.

7. You can have something to look forward to.

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