10 Favourite Cruise Cocktails

29 Sep 2016

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You might not know, but a cruise is the perfect occasion to try out new drinks and cocktails. Cruise lines are well equipped when it comes to their cocktails making skills. Discover which are our 10 favourite cruise cocktails - after all, you are not ready to embark if you don't know the best drinks to try out on board...

Top 10 cruisers' favourite cocktails

1. Pina Colada: This creamy mix of rum, coconut and pineapple is among the cruisers favourite drink. Perhaps this is due to the exotic name, or the inviting glass decorated with fruit and an umbrella that instantly reminds them of remote paradise.

cruise cocktails pina colada

2.Woo Woo: This is a classic Summer cocktail, with it being very popular in the '70s. A mixture of vodka and peach based liquor and cranberry juice gives the perfect kick to your night.

best cruise cocktails

3.Elder flower gin and tonic: This cocktail is appreciated by everyone whether you like gin & tonic or not, the sweetness and the perfume of the elder flower transport your taste buds to the holiday season.

4.Perfect Singapore Sling: This gin based cocktail has a unique taste thanks to the balanced mixture of ingredients including cherry brandy, grenadine and tonic water. The taste is sweet but not too sweet, perfect for after dinner.

moscow mule cruise cocktails

5.Sex on the Beach: Another classical hit for the Summer, you meet very few people who don't like a Sex on the beach. An exotic mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, orange and peach liquor make a perfect refreshing cocktail for any time of day.

6.Moscow Mule: A cocktail for those who love a strong and bitter taste. A perfect blend of vodka, ginger beer and angostura.

top 10 cruise cocktails favourite -

7.Mai Tai: Already the name makes us think of a holiday! The Mai Tai is a rum based cocktail, complemented by Grand Marnier and pineapple juice.

8.Champagne based/ Prosecco based cocktails: These refreshing cocktails are very popular on cruise ships. Not just because they are ideal at any time of the day, but also because they reflect the elegance of cruising. You will see people drinking cocktails, such as Bellini or Mimosa, these are all the rage.

cruise cocktails - champagne based

9.Bikini Martini: This inspiring cocktail doesn't contain any Martini but it's served in a Martini glass. It’s taste is sweet and refreshing with vodka, a dash of coconut rum and pineapple juice.

10.Cosmopolitan: There is no surprise that this cocktail is amongst the cruisers favourites. Cosmopolitan is a drink loved by girls and secretly by men as well!

Let's not forget about the Mocktails, the non-alcoholic version of cocktails. There are so many variants and the taste is as good as alcohol based cocktails.