5 Trendy Cruise Destinations For 2017

07 Feb 2017

What are the trendy cruise destinations for 2017? If you are an avid cruiser this question must have already crossed your mind! It is always exciting to see how cruise itineraries have developed and new ports of call added.

We have gathered the most in vogue destinations for this year.

1. Cuba: at number one there is the biggest and most enchanting island of the Caribbean, Cuba. After nearly 50 years cruise ships finally entered Cuba waters last May 2016 and it is no surprise that Cuba itineraries are now the most popular amongst cruisers. All the top cruise lines have started to provide itineraries to discover the magic colonial Cuba with its retro cars and mesmerising beaches.

cuba - cruise destination

2.Cherbourg, France: this small town of France has been extremely successful in 2016 and its popularity seems to grow, last year the port unexpectedly had 26 calls. The town, founded by the Vikings, is rich in history. In fact, due to its position in the Atlantic coast has seen many battles, the most remarkable is perhaps the Battle of Normandy, a victory for the Allied forces during WWII.

3.Saranda, Albania: this is the most Southern city of Albania, just 9 miles away from the popular Greek isle, Corfu, this is going to be a new very exciting port of call as Albania is not the classic holiday destination. The addition of this port is mainly due to the turbulent political situation of Turkey. From Saranda cruisers can seek adventure in Butrint, an ancient roman city hosting a beautiful amphitheatre and the second largest bizantine church in the world.

4.Split, Croatia: this is a very ancient city that has been dominated by various populations through the times, including the Romans, Venetians and Austrians. This picturesque town features a wonderful Cathedral with a bell tower, St. Domnius, and a variety of museums and art galleries. The city is perfect for a walk around and the food is also exceptional. Moreover, this UNESCO city also has fantastic beaches to enjoy. To note, Croatia interest is generally rising, river cruises are also now crossing this amazing country.

croatia- cruise destination

5.Private Islands owned by cruise lines: as CLIA predicted for 2017, there will be a total of 7 private islands to dock, for example MSC Cruises recently bought an island in the Caribbean to enhance their offers, creating Exclusive Bahamian Marine Reserve Island Experience. On a private island you can enjoy an extremely unique experience and view.Private-island -cruise destination

Do you have any new destinations in mind that you plan to visit? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear about more à la mode places!