First Time Cruise: What You Should Know

24 Jun 2016

The joy and excitement of a first time cruise is accompanied by a hint of fear and anxiousness. No worries, this is all normal. Everyone has had the pre-cruise panic before embarking. How do you overcome it?

Simply make sure you read our tips for first time cruisers.

first time cruise woman

Your first time cruise: Do’s & Don’ts

Ready to sail for your first time cruise? Revise our Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you’ll a good night sleep prior departure.

What to wear?

This can be a tricky question to answer as this not only depends on the cruise line etiquette but also on individual style. After all, going on a cruise is your holiday and every one should be able to feel at ease.

So prepare your suitcase by selecting a few smart-casual options with accessories to ensure your wardrobe exudes elegance

Do’s: Bring at least one smart outfit in case of a very special evening.
Remember to also bring some comfortable clothes or gym wear if you want to try out the onboard gym or yoga classes.

Don’ts: Avoid trainers and flip-flops onboard. Don’t use your pyjamas outside your cabin: it’s true the ship will be your home for a while but do not get to comfortable. first time cruise suitcase

What to book in advance?

With your first time cruise you should be setting sail with complete peace of mind, for this reason you are advised to be fully prepared prior to departure. This is not difficult, especially if you have booked your cruise through a trustworthy travel agent, where all extras can be provided.

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Do’s: Book your car parking at the port in advance as well as any hotels if these are needed to ensure your day of departure is stress-free and you can get the best deal possible Additionally, if you join a fly cruise you will need to book your flight and remember to organise airport transfers as well.
f you think you’d like to take part in the shore excursions available make sure you take a look at a few various companies to get best value for money.
Additionally, it is possible to book online Spas and events onboardbefore departure.

Don’ts: Don’t leave everything to the chance. Let’s be realistic, you’re unlikely to find a lucky car spot before embarking. The best thing to do is to arrange all the extras when booking your cruise.

Important checklist for your first time cruise

For a non nerve-racking first time cruise you should also take a look at these very important points to consider before and after booking.

  • Documents needed: it is your responsibility to make sure you have your ID document, passport or visa before departure. Make sure you have also filled out all the details on the boarding forms.
  • Ensure all your tickets printed and ready
  • Tag your bags: as a cruise ship may have hundreds or even thousands of passengers you are required to tag your luggage.
  • What’s included in your price? Carefully check what is included in your cruise package. You may find it convenient to incorporate additional offers into your package to save money on your cruise, such as the unlimited drink package.
  • Baggage allowance: Check this before you start packing the baggage allowance on your cruise. Be aware that in case of flight cruises your baggage allowance depends also on the airline conditions.
  • Seating assignments for dining: On certain cruises your dining is dictated by the seating assignment, you may want to check this out before boarding.
  • Special dietary needs: if you have any special dietary requirements you need to acknowledge the cruise line well in advance of your departure.
  • Tipping: tips are not on a voluntary basis, tips will be credited to you but the policies change widely according to the cruise line. There are some lines which include Free tips in their journey.

Are you ready for your first time cruise? There seems to be quite a lot of work to do. That’s why you’d be better booking with an independent travel agent who will be able to advise you on the best cruise for your needs and assist you with the documentations and the booking of all the extras at a competitive price.