A guide to Cruising with Princess Cruises

26 Feb 2018

Who says luxury has to be expensive? On a Princess cruise you can experience the best of the world, with excellent service, all aboard an amazing fleet of 17 stunning ships. Here are four examples of how Princess Cruises stands out from the crowd and why you should consider cruising with them.

Ocean Medallion

Princess Cruises’ innovative Ocean Medallion is set to revolutionise the way we all cruise. The medallion, the size of a pound coin, can be worn as a pendant, wristband, or simply placed in your wallet. The Ocean Medallion will speed up the embarkation process, and the small device is packed full of technology that will automatically unlock your stateroom door as you approach it, track your friends and family around the ship, and bar staff will instantly know your favourite drink.

Movies Under The Stars

Cosy up with a blanket, a bag of fresh popcorn or warm cookies and milk and enjoy a thrilling film under the twinkling stars on the giant movie screen situated on the pool deck. Movies Under The Stars is a signature Princess experience that is unlike any other at sea.


Embark on a culinary journey. Taste new flavours, and dine like a local. Onboard, choose from a range of speciality restaurants. The firm favourites among guests are Sabatini’s for the perfect Italian pasta, and Crown Grill for a beautiful steak. Chocoholics will love master chocolatier Norman Love’s delicious Chocolate Journeys desserts – the perfect way to end a delicious meal in one of the main restaurants.

Luxury Beds

You’re guaranteed to have the ultimate nights sleep you’ll ever experience on a Princess cruise. Developed exclusively for Princess by the manufacturer of some of the most comfortable hotel beds in the world, The Princess Luxury Bed was created in conjunction with Dr Michael Breus, who served as the official sleep expert of WebMD and appears regularly on the Dr Oz Show. Sink into the perfect slumber, with plush pillows and luxury cotton linen.

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