An Interview With Timothy Gallant From TV’s ‘The Cruise’

15 Mar 2017

ITV’s ‘The Cruise‘ was a great insight to what happens behind the scenes on a cruise ship. We were lucky enough to ask a few questions to one of the stars of the show, Timothy Gallant! Here’s what he had to say…

Timothy! First question first, have you always been into cruising? How did you get involved in working on cruise ships? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I actually applied to work at sea when I was 19 because my aunt had done it for 5 years and loved it, but I never got hired, I think due to experience, but after twelve years in hotels and a turn of events in my life I decided to try it again. Never been a passenger but I always wanted to travel so I thought this would be a great way.

What has been the strangest customer complaint/request?

I once was asked what the distance was to the horizon from where the ship was located?!

What’s the thing you like the most working for Princess Cruises?

I love the crew, they are like a second family!

Favourite Princess cruise ship?

I have fond memories of all the ships I have sailed on but I think my heart lies with Royal Princess!

What are your recommendations of places to go to and what to do on a Princess ship?

For me I love the Baltics, I have done two seasons there and still haven’t seen everything, the culture and history is amazing, I’m learning a lot. In school I wish I had been more interested in History, but now I’m seeing it as opposed to reading about it, which is very cool. If you have the opportunity to do a World Cruise then you should try it, the amount of places you get to visit is phenomenal and you build relationships with passengers and crew that you will never forget, I still talk to some passengers that I met in Australia cruising 4 years ago. The entertainment is always what I’m geared towards on the ships, and Princess has taken the Entertainer’s of the Year Awards the last two years, so they have some good stuff. The game show’s and the cruise staff entertainment is always a blast, Liar’s Club is one of my favourites, and I love Voice of the Ocean. There is entertainment for all ages so you should try and jam in as much as you can while you’re on board. My favourites place is the Theatre, the production shows are always very entertaining and the other entertainers that come on board have always been exceptional. It’s great that we get to see all of this for free, such a perk!

Where has been your favourite place to visit, why?

Favourite port would be Tauranga in New Zealand so far, I always loved taking a run up Mount Maunganui and doing a bit of meditating at the top, really helped clear my mind for the busy life that we live.

Place you’ve always wanted to visit, why?

I have always wanted to visit Argentina, this is my favorite Country for wine so I want to spend a holiday there going from Vineyard to Vineyard. I would definitely make a stop at the Michel Torino Estates.

You were one of our favourites on ‘The Cruise’, what was your favourite moment on the programme?

Why thank-you! Filming The Cruise is funny because the film crew is actually following you for a good part of two months and quite a lot of film didn’t make the cut, from what was on air I really enjoyed the roof top excursion with Emma and the donkey rides with Scott. We are all good friends so it was very relaxed with them, it’s nice when it is not just yourself, less pressure, and they are quite funny. The bit from the lost and found had me giggling a lot too.

How do you always manage to stay cheery?!

I guess it’s just my personality, trust me there are days that it can be challenging, but then you just need to look around and realize where you are. My colleagues help for sure, it’s like we are tag team wrestlers some days, taking turns. (;

Do you often meet up with the other staff featured on the programme? Obviously we saw your outing with Scott, would you consider him a close friend on board?

For the second season I had only just gotten to the ship and started filming right away so the only people I knew were Scott, Emma, Victoria, Dean, Eleanor and her mum, Jane. Yes we have spent time together outside of work, we’re all friends. Scott and I, I can call him a friend, ya (; his girlfriend and I have done four contracts together, and possibly a fifth soon, so we hang out for sure, he’s a good guy to have around, he cracks me up.

*Spoiler alert* – we saw you go back home on the last episode which we were devastated about! What are your plans for the future?

Well I’m actually working on getting back to the Royall, hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be there. It is way too cold right now in Prince Edward Island, so crossing my fingers.

Last question! What do you miss most when you are working on board?

Friends and family for sure, but I’m making amazing connections on board so I wouldn’t change it.

Thanks for your time, Timothy! We hope to see you on our television screens soon.

No problem, all the best…thanks!

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