Ovation of the Seas – Cruise Ship Review

08 Jul 2016

Inaugural night

Date: 10 April 2016

Reason for being on board: ship visit

Who are you? Michele from Ocean World Travel

Name of the ship: Ovation of the Seas

Cruise line: Royal Caribbean

Michele from Ocean world travel

Ovation of the Seas ship review: an action-packed day on board

Food: The food was outstanding. I had filet mignon which was among one of the best meals I have had. The two men next to me had 2 filet mignon’s each. One guy had to have a lie down afterwards but the other guy really enjoyed his dinner.

Facilities & Entertainment: The bionic bar was much more fun than I had realised. I ordered by iPad, watched my drink go up the queue and finally being made. It is such a good idea. I went up in the North Star which was incredibly good. I didn’t have time for the I Fly but I really do wish that I had because it was so much fun.

Bionic Bar
North Star

Accommodation: The cabins are very well designed. They have a very spacious feel, the beds, sheets and fittings are of very high quality and the balconies are a very good size.

Type of décor: The ship was fun, stylish, a little crazy here and there and certainly delivered upon the promise of something extra ordinary happening.

Fantastic edition to the Royal Caribbean fleet. All in all, I would confidently recommend Ovation of the Seas to customer, friends and family!

Michele from Ocean World Travel
Ovation of the Seas
View of top deck

Ship stats

  • CREW MEMBERS 1,350
  • ENTERED SERVICE April 2016
  • GROSS TONS 168,666