Should I Book A Cruise Through A Travel Agent Or The Cruise Line?

19 Aug 2016

Many people wonder if it is more convenient booking a cruise through a travel agent or the cruise line.

By looking on the internet and also for personal experience we can say that booking with a cruise agent is the most convenient solution, not only from a financial point of view but also because the quality of service you receive when booking your cruise through a travel agent.

Let's look at all the advantages of booking with cruise specialists.

9 Benefits of booking a cruise through a travel agent

  1. Better deals: travel agents' fares are less expensive than cruise lines, because they are allowed to offer a small discount within the cruise line guidelines. booking a cruise through a travel agent or the cruise line - cruise specialist
  2. Freebies: if you are looking for freebies or nice supplements a travel agent is the right person to ask. On their special deals cruise agents often feature freebies.
  3. Well-travelled personnel: With a travel agency you can be rest assured that the personnel is are highly knowledgeable about travelling. This is because travel agents often get the chance to cruise for free and can offer you personal opinons on which cruise lines they prefer. They also spend the majority of their day listening to many reviews and comments from other cruises, therefore meaning they can provide you with the best advice.
  4. Impartial advice on cruise lines: Ethical cruise agents give impartial advice on cruise lines to completely satisfy their customers. They are able to understand the individual needs and provide you with the best option. So, if you are unsure about choosing the cruise line, you should definitely book with a travel agent.
  5. Personal service: travel agents are well known for being able to provide a personal service, they will act on your interest and give you the best advice according to your preference. They will establish a personal rapport with you and become your trusted adviser on cruises. holiday woman booking a cruise through a travel agent or the cruise line
  6. Online pricing: Be aware of the online pricing because it can be misleading; Do not use it to compare cruise lines and travel agencies, in fact, sometimes cruise lines do not include taxes on the prices, other times agents do not include additional discounts. To know the correct pricing you should call your agent. Generally speaking, travel agents provide additional discounts on top of cruise lines' offers.
  7. Easier communication: when you book your cruise through a travel agent you will always speak to the same agent, this is part of the personal service provided. In addition, the waiting time to get through to the cruise line is generally incomparable to that of a travel agent.
  8. Excellent customer service: travel agents are very devoted to customer service, they really strive to provide the maximum satisfaction, that's why, cruise specialists like us have repeated customers.
  9. Wow effect: travel agents can really surprise you with their excellent customer service. You may receive little treats in your cabin upon arrival which add a little extra to your holiday experience.