6 Must Read Books For Cruise Lovers

23 Sep 2016

Have you ever wondered which books are suitable books for cruise lovers? We are not talking about books on specific destinations, cruise lines or travel guides, but books that real cruisers would enjoy. We have picked the 6 must read books that every cruiser should get the chance to read at least once.

Books for cruise lovers: a collection

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1."Tricky Business" [2003] by Dave Barry

It has been described as "the funniest book ever read". It explores a cruise aboard ‘Extravaganza of the Seas,’ a ship where the stereotypes of cruising manifest. This book will be able to make you laugh with its wit or make you seasick with its incredible arguments on cruisers.

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2."Robinson Crusoe" [1719] by Daniel Defoe

This is a classic novel that must be read once in a lifetime. The story of a shipwrecked mariner on an island who learnt how to be self-determined and get on when life is not at its best. It's one of the masterpieces of British literature.

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3."Cruise Confidential: A Hit Below the Waterline" [2010] by Brian David Bruns

You, avid cruisers, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your cruise? What are the love/hate relationships amongst the personnel on board? What they do during their time off? In this hilarious book, Brian David Bruns, after having worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, reveals everything about the "dirty underwater" life of crew members. You will finally know what you have always wanted to know and what you haven’t wanted to know, from nonsense rules to bizarre situations.

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4."Liners to the Sun"[1985] by John Maxtone-Graham

This book is ideal for people that want to discover more about cruise lines, cruise ships, passengers and how cruising differentiates from the past. The manual has nearly 500 pages written by the historian Maxtone-Graham, who also wrote other interesting books on the sector.

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5."Here Come the Girls" [2012] by Milly Johnson

Ven, Roz, Olive and Frankie are lifelong friends and since school, they have always dreamed of being wealthy. One day those funny girls decided to make their dreams a reality and embark on a luxurious cruise. Will a cruise far from husbands and everyday problems change their lives forever?

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6."Journey Through My Heart, Mind and Soul" [2004] by Sandra Grace Monge

A truly passionate novel of insightful and light-hearted memories of 13 trips accomplished by Suzy and Ewald Wiberg and sons. The good and the bad of each trip, including cruises are described. A novel which entertains, but also gives advice on amazing destinations and knowledge on how to plan your cruise.

Have you enjoyed our 6 must read books for cruise lovers? Which is the book you would recommend? Share your thoughts with us and help other cruisers!