Can I bring Alcohol onboard? Cruise line policies

30 Sep 2016

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New Alcohol Policies for 2023!

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Can I bring Alcohol onboard? Latest cruise line policies 2023

To avoid disappointment, it is good to know in advance the alcohol policy of your cruise line. Read below to have a look at the alcohol policies for each cruise line.

cruise lines alcohol policies

Cruise lines’ alcohol policies

Cunard Cruises alcohol policy

You are allowed to bring a bottle of wine onboard on embarkation day, but beers and spirits need to be purchased onboard. However, alcohol bought at ports or shops onboard can be consumed in your cabin with no restrictions.

P&O Cruises alcohol policy

You are allowed to bring a small quantity of alcohol on board. There isn’t an official restriction, but the cruise line reserves the right to confiscate alcohol. When you buy alcohol at duty free shops, you can collect your purchase only on disembarkation day.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines alcohol policy

Guests cannot bring their own alcohol. Alcohol bought at ports or at duty free will be retained by the cruise line and given back at the end of the cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line alcohol policy

Guests are allowed to bring Champagne or wine on board, but no spirits or beer.

Celebrity Cruises alcohol policy

Passengers can bring two bottles of wine or Champagne each, but beers and spirits are forbidden. If alcohol is purchased at ports, it will be retained by the cruise lines and returned on the last day.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages alcohol policy

Guests are not allowed to carry any alcohol on board. With regards to alcohol purchased at duty free shops, it will be given to customers at the end of the cruise.

Royal Caribbean International alcohol policy

For private consumption guests can bring up to two bottles of wine/champagne per cabin.

Princess cruises alcohol policy

On embarkation day, each guest can bring only one bottle of wine/Champagne. Alcohol purchased during the cruise will be kept by the cruise line and given back at the end of the cruise.

Voyages to Antiquity alcohol policy

Wine and Champagne bought in a shop on board or ashore can be kept in the staterooms, but other alcoholic beverages will be kept by the cruise line and returned on the date of departure.

Saga cruises alcohol policy

Saga doesn’t have a strict alcohol policy like other cruise lines; guests are allowed to consume alcohol in their cabin bought from either ashore or aboard, so the custom will exercise the rule.

Regent Seven Seas alcohol policy

The cruise line does not restrict alcohol carried onboard.

MSC Cruises alcohol policy

Guests are not allowed to bring their own alcohol onboard. Alcohol purchased ashore will be held until the end of the cruise.

Oceania Cruises

Passengers can bring up to three bottles of wine/Champagne onboard, but spirits and beers are not allowed.

Seabourne alcohol policy

Seabourne do not restrict alcohol carried on board.

*Cruise Lines alcohol policy are updated at the time of publishing and may change at any time.