Cruise line dress codes: what you need to know

03 Oct 2016

We all know how important it is to feel comfortable around other people and the way you dress certainly influences your self-confidence. Cruise lines adopt various dress codes and before packing you should know what is the expected dress code for your cruise. Read below to discover the dress codes for each cruise line.


Cunard Cruises dress code

This cruise line envisages quite a formal dress code throughout the various night cruises. In fact, the dress codes vary from elegant and formal to semi-formal. For men, jackets are not always required and this will be specified in the onboard journal. Having said that there is the possibility to adopt a more informal dress code in certain areas of the ship such as the lido area. Swimwear is not allowed anywhere on the ship.

P&O Cruises dress code

There are two dress codes to be observed on P&O Cruises: Evening casual and Black tie, both apply after 6 pm in the main venues. These will be announced in the onboard journal and prior to departure in your booking details. During the day, you can wear what you would be wearing during a holiday, shorts are permitted.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines dress code

The dress code for the evenings vary. Every cruise will include one or more formal nights, whilst on the other nights the dress code required is smart casual, where a pair of smart trousers or black jeans together with a shirt or a polo t-shirt are accepted. During the day, you can wear what you like, to feel at ease.

Norwegian Cruise Line dress code

NCL is well known for its Freedom at sea campaign, in fact, they envisage a free-style of cruising and this reflects in the dress code. You can wear what you like in the evenings and at formal restaurants. NCL asks you only to be considerate and avoid wearing the following items in dining areas: tank tops (for men), flip flops, visors or baseball caps, jeans with holes or below the hips.

Celebrity Cruises dress code
Celebrity Cruises envisage a smart casual dress code throughout most of the evenings on board. There will be a chic evening or more (depending on the duration of your cruise), and on that occasion, you are required to dress to impress, without the need of being too formal.

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Cruise & Maritime Voyages dress code

The dress code is smart casual on most of the evenings, requiring a shirt and a pair of trousers for men and a smart outfit (dress/trousers) for women. On formal nights, guests are required to comply with the dress code. Men are expected to wear a suit and a tie, and women are expected to wear an evening dress. Although the dress code is casual during the day, swimwear and similar should only be worn in the designated areas.

Royal Caribbean International dress code

The general dress code on board is smart casual for the evenings. There are formal nights on board with cocktail dresses or elegant trousers for women and a suit for men (black tie is optional) as part of the dress code. During lunch time flip flops, shorts and t-shirts are allowed onboard and in restaurants.

Saga Cruises dress code

Saga Cruises are exclusively reserved to over 50s and the dress code is relaxed with an extra touch. On evenings ladies are required to wear cocktail dresses and smart jackets/cardigans. For men chinos and a shirt are perfect. There is the chance to wear a more elegant attire on formal nights. During the day, light trousers and smart tops are acceptable, ideally accompanied by nice jewellery or scarves.

Princess Cruises dress code

Princes Cruises recommend dressing as if you are going to a stylish land-based resort. There will be smart casual evenings requiring a shirt and a pair of trousers (for men), and on cruises of more than 4 days there will be some formal nights as well. During the day, you can dress according to the climate therefore a more relaxed outfit is fine.

Voyages to Antiquity dress code

The dress code is very informal throughout your cruise. During the day, you are advised to dress for the climate and any excursions you are taking part in. As for the evenings, a smarter casual dress code is required, but very far from formal. However, if you fancy dressing up for a night, you get the chance to on the Captain's Cocktail night.

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Regent Seven Seas dress code

The recommended dress code for the evening is Elegant Casual resort wear (tie is not required), whilst trainers and jeans are not permitted. The dress code may range from semi-formal to formal on cruises of 16 nights or more. Before 6pm the dress code is more relaxed, requiring a more casual style.

MSC cruises dress code

Overall the dress code is casual. However, on formal nights men are required to wear ties and jackets and women can wear cocktail dresses. There are also specific themed evenings, and guests are encouraged to comply with the theme.

Seabourne dress code

The dress code on board applies after 6pm. Casual smart outfits are required throughout the ship (trousers and shirt, dresses). During formal nights, an appropriate formal code is required in the restaurants.