Hot Cruise Destination: Sarandë

28 Sep 2017

Sarandë, also spelled Saranda is known as the gateway to Southern Albania! Due to its Mediterranean climate and warm waters, this exciting coastal town and cruise port is one of the most major and attractive tourist attracts of the Albania Rivera. It lies on an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea and is just 9 miles away from the popular Greek Isle, Corfu. Sarandë offers a combination of old and new, new buildings, old taverns, nice beaches, and lots of outdoor restaurants. Sarandë also offers cruisers rich opportunities to explore the ancient roman city, Butrint, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Butrint, you will want to check out the beautiful Roman amphitheatre, one of the largest Byzantine churches in the world, and the rest of this ancient archaeology site as a whole!

East of Sarandë is the Blue Eye Spring which tourists consider simply magical as the bubbles tickle you as you swim! Picture this… a deep pool of pure blue water similar to the iris of an eye, sounds like something you’ve never experienced before. While you travel up to this spring, you will pass anything from palm trees to mountainous forest areas making the drive just as worth it. Next up, Ksamil, a small village is also a top attraction for vacationers as it is small but very clean! Here you will find many water sports and restaurants and of course, beautiful beaches. As you can see, Sarandë is perfect for cruisers looking for many unique and colourful day trip adventures!