Cruising To Alaska: Why You Should Book Soon

13 Jun 2017

From now to September is the season for cruising to Alaska! Alaska is the kind of place that has so much to offer; you will feel like you’re always visiting a new place even though you’re on the very same vacation. Some quick fun facts about Alaska are in addition to its natural beauty, snow capped mountains, and incredible wildlife, it has the longest day and night and it’s the largest U.S. state. If you are looking to cruise to Alaska but haven’t booked yet, here a few reasons why you should.

cruising Alaska - view

Adventure is key when in Alaska! With so many rivers, lakes, and coastal waters, you and your family can kayak or even whitewater raft through the mild or wild waters. Children may even see brown bears fishing in the waterfalls! There are also packages online that offer both day and overnight fishing to freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you’re looking to stay on land, there is so much to discover in the Alaska wilderness from hiking, 4-wheeling, and even zip lining through the mountains, forests, and glaciers all in one go! Bicycling is also very popular through Alaska as well as guided camping.

cruising Alaska - bear

There are many ways to explore the culture and history of Alaska. Native dancing, traditional music, and festivals are a few of the avenues to learning about Alaska’s vibrant culture in addition to its museumsand cultural centres. Here are a few of the most visited museums in Alaska: the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Alaska Aviation Museum, the Pratt Museum, and the Talkeetna Historical Society. Certain towns in Alaska are like museums in themselves and are definitely worth seeing while there. Skagway, also known as the “gold rush town”, tells the story of the crazed pursuit of gold from more than a century ago. Sitka, which was one the headquarters for the Russian settlement, allows you to see Alaska in a very different way! Make sure to visit the Sheldon Jackson Museum, which has one of the best collections of Native arts and crafts.

cruising Alaska - ice

One cannot go to Alaska and not witness its extraordinary wildlife! From bald eagles to humpback whales, Alaska has got them! With so much of its wilderness untouched, Alaska has both very common and very rare wildlife roaming the land, air, and sea. The wildlife sightings in Alaska are also seasonal, for example, during the spring you can see a grey whale migrating to its feeding grounds. Whether you gosightseeing on your own or with a watching tour, make sure to be camera ready!

If you’re looking for adventure, a bit of culture overdoes, and incredible wildlife, cruising to Alaska should be in your near future for guaranteed unforgettable experiences.