Is Cruising For You? Discover 7 Cruising Myths

26 Aug 2016

Going on a cruise is not a crazy idea, it is in fact an amazing way to experience magnificent holidays at just the right price.

So why do we question the suitability of this type of holiday?Because there are many misconceptions we make about cruising. Let's unveil the 7 seven false myths on cruising and discover why we should change the way we think.

#7 False myths on cruising

1.Cruising is not for people of my age!

Well, whatever your age, cruising is for everyone. Especially in recent years cruise lines have made a sizable effort to ensure that all the age groups are equally satisfied.
It is also true that there cruise ships and cruise ships, some ships are more family orientated rather than solo however all the information will be available before booking

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2.Cabins are small

This is a common misconception probably influenced through old movies where cabin space was very limited. Nowadays, ships are enormous and cabins are comparable to luxury hotel rooms. Additionally, if you can afford to upgrade you can get imperial suites with sumptuous living rooms and lavish bathrooms.

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3. I cannot be independent, I have to follow the group

Another wrong assumption. There is no obligation to follow group activities onboard or take part in cruise excursions at shore. You are the master of your time.

4. A cruise holiday is expensive

For years cruising has been depicted as middle to upper class way of traveling. Cruising is actually a very reasonable way of travelling if you consider all the options included; tickets, meals, transfers in various locations, activities and entertainments.

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5. I suffer from getting sea sick

Modern ships have a so called 'stabilizer' that steady the ship so movement is kept to a minimum.
If you are still concerned there are a few things you can do that can make a difference; location and season, size and type of vessel and most importantly the positioning of your cabin (mid-ship has least motion).

6. I am afraid to catch stomach bugs or other virus

These outbreaks are extremely rare, even if media has emphasized this. The likelihood to have a gastro intestinal problem onboard is 1 out of 12,000: an incredibly slim chance. For statistics and safety onboard you can visit Cruise Forward.

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7. Cruising is boring: I will be trapped into a boat all time

A cruise ship is not as claustrophobic as you might think. It is in fact an extremely vast space with plenty of activities and areas which will suit your individual needs.

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