Day 3: Rouen – Medieval Discoveries With U by Uniworld

10 Oct 2017

There was some confusion this morning over the time to meet for the kayaking excursion along the Eure River. We were due to meet at 8:15 to head ashore, but the ship was delayed and the meeting time was changed to 9:45. Sadly without much notice, the meeting time was changed to 9:20. I missed the excursion, but in a way it was a blessing. Hearing other people’s stories when they returned later that afternoon, they talked about how exhausting it was, with 2 miles of rapids, and people falling in the water. I had a relaxing afternoon on deck as we continued to sail to Rouen where we would now arrive at 3pm.

As soon as we docked, it was time to disembark and head off on the afternoon excursion. Despite knowing we would be docking on a Monday, the Behind the Dials of the Gros-Horloge tour had to be changed to a Medieval Rouen tour because most museums are closed on Monday. Nevertheless, the new tour was equally fascinating. Our guide told us about Joan of Arc and how she was burned at the stake in the market place of Rouen. We went inside the iconic Joan of Arc church with its boat shaped ceiling, and magnificent stain glass windows depicting the earliest scenes of the city.

We continued the tour down the main shopping street. We passed the spectacular Justice Courts where our guide managed to snag us an exclusive tour inside. The security guards were so passionate about the place, unlocking court room doors and showing us a rather rude gargoyle on the roof! It was evident that they were head over heels for our tour guide too! The court room ceiling was soooo impressive and grand!

The Gros-Horloge was the next sight we walked to. It would have been great to go inside, but it was still impressive just looking at it. There is a lot more going on with the clock, than you may first realise. There is only the hour hand as when the clock was constructed it took 3 days just to get to Paris, so minutes were not really a necessity. The clock also has a giant silver ball which shows the moon cycle, as well as a rotating disk with scenes that depict the month.

Next stop on the tour was the majestic Rouen Cathedral. We went inside and the scale of the place was unbelievable! Well worth a look inside if you visit Rouen.

Back on the ship, after taking a quick bike ride along the river bank, it was time for dinner as we set sail. Tonight’s dinner was my least favourite so far, but still great nonetheless. I had a BLT sharing salad with quiche, followed by a flavoursome potato and cumin soup. There was a choice of swordfish or stuffed pepper – I went for the pepper. Dessert was certainly unique. Chefs are usually used to beautifully making exquisite creations. Tonight that was different. They were allowed to make as much mess as possible throwing sweets and sauce all over the food counters and the pre-made brownies and tiramisu. We could then come up and help ourselves to whatever we fancied.

After dinner it was up to the Ice Bar for the Silent Disco. It was funny watching everyone dance to different beats while hearing no music in the bar. Because the music is via the headphones, people were dancing outside and throughout the ship.

Tomorrow, I’m in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on my final full day aboard The B. See you again tomorrow!