Interview with Christopher Caress – Hypnotist on the EYE-Seas

09 Aug 2016

Renowned Comedy Stage Hypnotist Christopher Caress who has stunned and amazed his audiences by the speed in which he is able to hypnotise his willing volunteers. Christopher has performed on countless stages around the world & some of the newest & biggest cruise ships today, captivating audiences with his mind-bending talents. Combining the mystical art of hypnosis with outrageous comedy, Caress taps into the creativity of his willing volunteers so they unleash their imagination and leave their self-consciousness behind.

interview Christopher Caress
Don’t worry if you don’t want to be in the show, Christopher will only hypnotise people who wish to join him on stage. Caress is a fast thinking comedian who milks humour out of every situation that arises on stage. His incredibly popular stage show promised to deliver results are nothing short of hilarious, as hypnotized members of the audience become the real stars of the show.

Michael Vine, the man behind the incredibly successful Derren Brown said, “I’m proud to represent Derren Brown & Christopher Caress as they are the leading exponents in their fields - both offering live, theatrical experiences unmatched by other performers.”


Interview with Christopher Caress

1) How and when did you become interested in hypnotism?

I was a young boy when I watched a stage hypnotist at a local venue & i became hooked, it wasn't until my teens that hypnosis made an appearance back into my life, it's about the cheapest & quickest way of impressing people!

2) Has it always been your goal to do this for a living?

No what started off as a hobby quickly turned into a career, nothing gave me more satisfaction in life than helping others overcome their fears & phobias, the stage side of the business came after the therapeutic side of hypnosis, i quickly learned how to put the business into show-business!

3) Why do you think people are so intrigued by hypnotism?

For years people have been intrigued, curious & excited with hypnosis, I know that when a stage hypnotist was performing in my village, my phone rang! Most of us like to go and watch a stage hypnosis show, especially when it's someone you know on stage who's hypnotised. Everything that you do on stage is about creating an experience in the audiences head!

4) Do you remember your first break through as an entertainer? I've spent most of my life on stage! When I was young i studied drama at school and from there joined a local amateur dramatic group, this is where i felt at peace, when I walked out on stage to an audience. I was hypnotising others from a very young age, so entertaining groups and large crowds was natural to me, it's not until I started performing on cruise ships that I had to perfect my trade, you have to be top of your game to become a Headliner when performing on cruise ships.

5) You perform a lot at sea, do you remember your first contract with a cruise line? I perform on 4 ships per month, I do this all year round. In the winter I'm performing in the Caribbean where most of the ships are located & in Summer I'm performing in Europe when most of the ships are relocated. I can't remember my first cruise line, seems such a long time ago, but i can tell you it wasn't the titanic!

6) Do you have a favorite ship to perform on and why? I don't have a favourite ship, there all unique. I get very excited about my job as a Headliner. Every time i look at my diary I get a shot of adrenaline and joy because I think, This is real!

7) Has anything ever gone wrong during a show at sea or on land? No, thankfully! I'm producer, director, comedian, hypnotist, health & safety all rolled into one, and I'm working with some of the most professional people you can imagine. The front of house & back stage teams onboard cruise ships today are without a doubt the best in the business.

8) Which cruise line do you think has the best audience or atmosphere? No two audiences are the same, my show works with most audiences as it's very visual and one of the most talked about audience participation shows at Sea! American's are fun, spring break on a cruise ship can be interesting, never short of volunteers!

9) When will you be next performing on a cruise ship? I'm en route to perform my hilarious hypnotic show onboard the Disney Magic, in Naples for four night's then off to Celebrity Equinox, Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Sea's then Royals Navigator Of The Seas, before heading home to help a group of smokers stop smoking using hypnosis.

10) What’s next for Christopher Caress? TV i hope, I'm managed by Michael Vine, the man behind Derren Brown, so if there's anyone who can get you onto TV it's Michael! I've met various TV production companies recently and discussed various TV format's. I'm not desperate to get onto TV, I prefer performing live on stage, this way you can be yourself and take more control of your own show, TV does allow you to reach a wider audience, however I still enjoy waking up to a new port of call everyday!

You can follow Christopher Caress on twitter @chriscaress and keep up to date with tour dates & news.