MSC MasterChef At Sea

03 Aug 2017

MSC Cruises ongoing commitment to provide wide and diverse entertainment offerings has just gotten better with the announcement of their partnership with MasterChef! MasterChef is a not only a hit TV show, but a successful global brand which reflects MSC’s focus on providing excellence to its customers by creating unique on-board experiences. ‘MSC MasterChef At Sea’ will not only create an opportunity for MasterChef fans to engage with the brand off-air but also allow cruise ship guests to combine food with entertainment for a unique and authentic experience.

The new collaboration will mimic the popular TV show through a cooking competition onboard an MSC Cruise ship allowing guests to put their culinary flair to test competing against other guests. MSC Cruises and MasterChef hope to bring some of the MasterChef magic from the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and China to MSC Cruise guests and encourage culinary exploration whist at sea.

Each cruise will have a winner crowed that will receive a MasterChef prize on board and then entered into a yearly prize draw to win one of two prizes!

1st prize will be a dinner at the winner’s house or local venue with one of the MasterChef stars as a personal chef, a MasterChef collection of 50 exclusive recipes and the possibility to enter the official casting process for the MasterChef TV show.

2nd prize will be the chance to be part of the show’s audience while dining in one of the restaurants featured on the show with three friends as well as the MasterChef collection with 50 exclusive recipes.

We would love to hear if you are entering this years competition! Get in touch with your winning entries.