P&O Cruises Unveils Brand New Ship

27 Oct 2016

P&O Cruises building a new cruise ship is not a secret, in fact she was ordered on the 6 September 2016, but the details haven’t been released yet, until yesterday 26 October 2016 during an exclusive event at The Sky Garden in London: we were amongst the first to hear about those new exciting plans of this iconic ship to be launched by 2020.


David Noyes, CEO Carnival UK. Stephen Mulhern. Paul Ludlow, Senior Vice President P&O Cruises – at The Sky Garden.

What will the new P&O ship will look like?

As we know, this will not only be the biggest ship of the fleet but also the biggest ship ever built for the UK market, however she aims at demystifying all the cliches of a big ship. In fact, she will be eco-friendly and will also feature a lot of intimate and private places. The new ship will be 180,000 tons with a capacity of 5200 guests. Despite the bigger size the attempt to make guests feel like they are at their British home will be kept, however some innovations were necessary to attract also the next generation of cruisers.

Let’s see all the new and amazing concepts that will be brought to this new and green ship.

  • Bringing the outside in: as the CEO of Carnival UK, David Noyes, said the effort throughout the ship is to bring the outside inside, so people can enjoy more stunning views and feel the ocean.
  • Green cruising design: the importance of delivering an environmentally friendly ship is the highest priority, in fact, the ship will be using liquefied natural gas (LNG) to generate the primary source of power either in port or at sea, by doing that the emissions will be significantly lowered.
  • The Dome: this already very appealing name will be the main stage for entertainment and also informal dining. What you will be able to see on the Dome? Very exciting shows and a new style of entertainment with aerial performances, projections on the roof. It will host: a pool with a retractable stage, water feature and whirlpools and obviously a majestic clear sky dome.
  • Bright Atrium: the heart of every ship is the Atrium where guests arrive and this is the chance to impress them, the Atrium will have a grand staircase and will be illuminated by natural light, thanks to the glass walls installed over 3 decks!
  • Extra luxury cabins: the cabin designed has been assigned to Acumen, a design company that worked on AirFrance first class, the innovative lie-flat beds by British Airways and also the luxurious suites in the sky by Eithad Airways.
  • 17 venues for eating
  • 12 places to have a drink with a sea view
  • 7 speciality restaurants
  • 9 places for breakfast
  • 5 places for the much loved afternoon tea
  • 7 coffee places
  • 13 entertainment venues- from theatre to adult only venues
  • 16 whirlpools
  • 4 swimming pools
  • 3 pop-up spaces

P&O new ship is looking to the future guests

This new ship is not disregarding past guests, but aims at welcoming a new generation of British cruisers, for this reason some innovations were necessary to make sure the cruising experience is able to suit different likings.

Cruises will be on sale from Autumn 2018, meanwhile, do you know the name of the new ship?
Neither do we, because guests will decide the name of the P&O new cruise ship… How? Instructions to follow, soon!

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Photo credit: © Steve Dunlop Photography