Top 10 Royal Caribbean Activities For Young Cruisers

09 Aug 2017

Our teen cruise expert Arran Godfrey is back again, this time to discuss the top ten activities that can be found aboard Royal Caribbean International ships…

Hello, my name is Arran Godfrey and I am 14 years old. I have been on over 100 cruises and I would like to talk to you today about the activities I like most on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. There’s a stereotype that cruising is for old people. I think cruising isn’t just for adults to enjoy, but for everyone to enjoy and I would love to give as many children as possible the opportunity to experience what a cruise is like, so hopefully I can convince you to take your children on a cruise so that they get the chance to experience the holiday of a lifetime!

Royal Caribbean kids cruising

Swimming Pools

These are a young cruiser’s favourite, which is why there are pools on pretty much all cruise ships. Not only do young cruisers love them, but so do adults, therefore this is an amazing family activity and experience, and there are plenty of pools onboard each ship so be sure to try them all out!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a cool feature found on all Royal Caribbean ships and it is a great activity for adventurous children. It is a very different experience, reaching the top of the wall and looking around and seeing just the sea. It is an amazing place to have a climbing wall and young cruisers, like myself, will love this one!

Mini Golf

Mini golf is a family favourite on land and an even better family favourite out at sea! It is a great way to enjoy an activity as a family where everyone will enjoy it. Young cruisers will love this feature because it’s what they can do on land but out at sea – a whole new experience.

Royal Caribbean basketball court and slides


A new thing to Royal Caribbean cruise ships are water slides, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a waterslide? Some even extend over the side of the ship. Waterslides truly are the key to unlocking children’s happiness and what better way to do it than on a cruise?

DreamWorks Experience

On certain ships there is a DreamWorks parade where you can meet DreamWorks characters, like Shrek, and Po from Kung Fu Panda! I remember when I used to go and meet my favourite characters and this was where so many of my memories were made onboard cruise ships and your young cruisers will love this experience too!


Yes, you can surf in the middle of the sea! The more modern Royal Caribbean ships have a surf simulator, called the Flowrider. Surfing is great for older children and young adults, as well as adults. It is so much fun to be pretty much standing on water until you fall over!

H2O Zone

This is the ultimate family playground with water. Let your young cruisers roam free in this imaginative onboard water park, or go and join them and enjoy yourself with them, whichever way it goes, there is no way you can miss this one!


This amazing skydiving simulator is an amazing experience for all children and adults, and is available on Quantum class ships. If you have ever wondered what skydiving is like then why not try out this cool simulator. I would recommend this experience to young adults and adults who are feeling up to something a bit more different and great fun as you feel like you are flying!

North Star

The North Star is a glass observation capsule and a once in a lifetime opportunity! You get a unique view of the sea from up high and looking down over the ship. This is an amazing family experience especially for young cruisers as they can be wowed by this amazing new activity!


Seaplex is where it all happens on board Royal Caribbean’s Quantum class. You can roller skate, learn acrobatics, do loads of different sports, have a go on the dodgems, or take on other players all over the world with Xbox Live!

So as you can see, there is plenty for activities aboard Royal Caribbean ships for young cruisers to enjoy and experience! Take a chance and let your children experience a cruise, it will be filled with amazing family time! I want the younger generation to experience cruises and to stop the stereotype that cruising is boring and for old people!