Ultimate checklist – what should you take on a cruise?

08 Sep 2016

The dilemma unveiled

The main thing before leaving for your holiday is packing your luggage. Now, there are those who enjoy packing, those who hate it and then of course there's those who just simply can't get it right!

Going on a cruise is completely different from any other holiday and because of this the contents of the suitcase must be thoroughly thought through. So, what should you take on a cruise?

Checklist: What should you take on a cruise?

  • Plenty of shoes: Comfortable shoes for day trips, sandals for hot weather, smart shoes for the evening
  • Swimsuit: Even if you are traveling in the winter months, your swimsuit is always useful for the spa and the pool if you fancy it!
  • Casual/comfy clothes: For the day times
  • Elegant outfit: For the evenings and special events

what should you take on a cruise smart dresses

  • Sportswear: If you like to keep fit and want to try out the gym or other sports activities onboard, be sure to pack suitable sportswear including trainers.

what should you take on a cruise -sportswear

  • A Jacket to keep warm: Always remember to bring a jacket to keep you warm in the evenings or in case the weather turns cold.
  • Toiletries: Not all cruise lines provide complimentary toiletries, so remember to check what is included before departure. Remember to bring your favourite body lotion and perfume for the evenings. However, if you forget anything, you can always purchase toiletries on board.
  • Camera: This accessory is essential for your holidays, it will transform beautiful moments into memories.

what should you take on a cruise - camera

  • Charger for mobile phone and electrical devices: For example, your electric toothbrush, cameras and iPad.
  • iPod: bring something to entertain you and help you relax on deck. Your MP3 player is perfect for playing the soundtracks of your holiday.
  • Reusable bottle: It's a smart idea to bring your own water bottle to re-fill with local drinking water during excursions, especially if travelling to warmer locations.
  • Backpack: Remember to bring a bag to use for hiking, or day trips ashore, you can fill it with all the necessities.
  • Earplugs: Just in case your neighbours are noisy or your cabin happens to be close to the engines!
  • Books or pastimes: Bring something to kill the time in case you don't feel taking part in any of the onboard activities. If you like your own company, perhaps bring a book, otherwise table games or cards are ideal for socialising.

what should you bring on a cruise - books

  • Drinks: If you want to save some money on board can bring your own drinks, sometimes you are also allowed to bring alcoholic beverages (please check the rules of the company before departure).
  • Raincoat and umbrella: Always be prepared for the rain, make sure you carry a foldable raincoat and/or an umbrella during the excursions.
  • Remember your luggage tags: The luggage will be carried by the crew to your cabin, so remember to attach an identification tag to it.
  • Medical documentation: We recommended that you keep them to hand, as you don't you when you'll need them!

Don't panic if you forget something, a cruise ship is like a small city, you can buy everything you need on board. You can even rent an evening gown! Bon voyage!