Ventura – Cruise Ship Review

27 Jul 2016

ventura ex ventura ship review

Date: 18 May 2016

Reason for being on board: CLIA conference 2016

Who are you? Francesca from Ocean World Travel

Name of the ship: Ventura

Cruise line: P&O Cruises

Ventura ship review: dining with Marco Pierre White

Food: the food was simply divine, every mouthful was full of flavour. I must say that during my ship visit our lunch was prepared by Marco Pierre White, one of the Michelin star rated chefs who occasionally cooks onboard P&O Cruises. Here are the dishes I tried:

  • Starter: I had a cold appetizer composed of different fish, a simple but really effective dish.

appetiser ventura ship review

  • First course: I went for the vegetarian option a big ravioli filled with mushroom on a base of spinach, the ravioli was accompanied by a creamy sauce, asparagus and a quail egg. I was really impressed with this dish, all the ingredients worked really well together and the ravioli was lovely.
raviolo ventura ship review
My raviolo in a sauce
beef ventura ship review
Beef: another dish on the menu
  • Dessert: apple pie, a classical deliciously made.

apple tart ventura ship review

I had also the chance to talk to Marco Pierre White as there was a photo contest onboard and I won one of the prizes, he seemed like a really genuine person.

francesca bandini & marco pierre white - ventura ship review

Entertainment: I had the chance to attend a classical musical featuring energetic rock music and talented dancers. The performance was admirable and everyone enjoyed it.

ventura ship review theatre
lounge ventura ship review
lounge ventura ship review
spa ventura ship review
ventura ship review
Specialty restaurant
wine dispenser ventura ship review
Wine dispenser

Facilities: the facilities are good and functional, there are various swimming pools and restaurants, also there are numerous venues for entertainment onboard. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of beautiful artwork.

art ventura ship review
gym ventura ship review
The gym
outdoor pool ventura ship review
Outdoor pool
nursery ventura ship review
kids ventura ship review
Kids’ space
kids space ventura ship review
Kids’ toys

Type of décor: the décor is rather traditional, very neutral. It might be considered too beige and plain, yet overall it is nice.

buffet ventura ship review
stair ventura ship review
ship ventura ship review

Courtesy of the staff: very good. Members of staff have been helpful and very smiley with us.

personnel ventura ship review

What did you like the most of this ship?
The really useful indoor pool and whirlpools have a retractable roof for when the sun comes out. The atmosphere in there was very relaxed and the temperature was pleasant, an ideal space for when the sun is not shining.

pool ventura ship review

What did you like the least of this ship?

Some spaces of the ship feel a little tired and dated.

P&O cruises


  • CREW MEMBERS 1,220
  • ENTERED SERVICE April 2008
  • GROSS TONS 116,017

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work of art ventura ship review

This is the picture that made me win a two night cruise!