5 Must Do Things In Cuba

07 Apr 2017

From its beautiful beaches and live music in the streets, to its 1950’s era style cars and of course, its legendary cigars, Cuba has quickly become a top destination for travellers around the world!

Cuba has not seen much change in last 50 years, there are still old must sees to be explored before newer ones come sooner than we can imagine. Here are a few must do experiences on the island of Cuba.

The must see and do in Cuba

1.Must see square: Plaza Vieja “Old Square” located in Old Havana boasts boldness and bright colours through its Caribbean colonial architecture. Here you will find good music, good eats and see some of Cuba’s most traditional clothing and liveliness with street acts. Plaza Vieja is also a highlight for cruise ship passengers where you can explore the city’s panoramic views or wander through the galleries or cafes! Wandering around through Plaza Vieja will allow you witness a lot of authentic, Cuban heritage.

2. Must see beach: If you’re looking to hit the beach, Varadero is where you want to be! Varadero is the largest and most popular beach resort in all of Cuba and brings in thousands of tourists! Although you will find a lot of hotels and resorts here, you can also experience nature trails and ancient caves near the Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos as well as a park with a pond and gardens known as Parque Josone. If you are still looking for other popular things to do in Varadero, you can find golfing for a sportier, relaxed vibe or hit the town with its nightlife scene.

3. Must do trip: Feeling a bit more adventurous? A drive from Havana to one of Cuba’s oldest cities, Trinidad is more than possible! Trinidad is often called the “City That Time Forgot” and its beauty and photogenic views have been untouched. The trip from Havana to Trinidad will take you through the countryside and old tobacco farms. From farmer markets, small galleries, cigar shops, and rooftop seafood restaurants, this excursion is worthwhile.

4. Must see not touristy place: Cienfuegos located in the enchanting Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of the Pigs) is defined as the “Pearl of the South”. It’s not a case that many cruise lines stop here. The atmosphere is quiet and laid-back, with not many tourists about, it is perfect for a walk around. This place is also ideal to admire the wonderful natural surrounding and historical buildings such as the Spanish-Moorish Palacio de Valle and the cathedral. People say that inhabitants of Cienfuegos are extremely cultured, so here you can enhance your knowledge of Cuba.

5. Must do experience: Last but not least, ride in a classic Cuban car! Since Fidel Castro placed a ban on foreign vehicle imports back in 1959, Cuba has become something like an antique car museum. This ban was recently abolished but has not stopped the feel of American brand cars such as Chevy and Ford dating back from the 30’s to 60’s still riding around through Cuban streets like an old film. So while in Cuba, definitely catch a ride in one of these antique cars before they truly become a thing of the past!

Cuba is one of the most popular destinations for holidays at the moment, a cruise is the perfect way to explore Havana and the near towns rich in history, culture and untouched natural beauties. Now, with those 5 must do things in Cuba in your pocket you are ready for the adventure!