Hot Cruise Destination: Norwegian Fjords

21 Sep 2017

Hands down, Norway offers some of the most unforgettable natural beauty, from its waterfalls and glaciers to its incredible fjords! The Norwegian Fjords are some of the longest, deepest, and most stunning fjords in the world and have also been voted as the world’s best travel destination by the National Geographic Traveller magazine. What exactly is a fjord you may ask? Fjords are long, narrow, and deep inlets of the sea between high cliffs and they are usually formed by the submergence of a glaciated valley.

When most tourists think of Norway, Oslo and Bergen come to mind, although the entire west coast offers thousands, yes thousands of stunning fjords to explore! We understand that thousands of fjords can be an overwhelming amount for anyone to explore, so here’s a breakdown of a few of the most visited fjords in Norway.

First up, the Geirangerfjord, often known as ‘THE fjord of Norway’, is 15 km long and its deep blue waters run along snow-capped mountains. It’s one of the most popular fjords for cruise ships. Alongside are some of Norway’s most beautiful waterfalls, in particular is the Seven Sisters waterfall. It’s something you do not want to miss, as seven separate streams plunge directly into the fjord below, giving off very dramatic views!

Next up, the Lysefjord, which translates to the ‘Light Fjord’, is 42 km long and surrounded by light-coloured granite rocks. A lot of tourists visit this fjord because of its flat plateau, called Pulpit Rock, which is nearly 600 meters high and extends out over the side of the fjord! It’s an exhilarating experience, but not for the faint-hearted! It also offers easy access to the city of Stavanger where many cruise ships visit.

Lastly, the Sognefjord, is 203 km and 1308 meters deep, making it Norway’s largest fjord and the second longest fjord in the world after Greenland’s Scoresby Sundfjord. Sightseeing through this fjord will offer a lot of adventure from spotting small villages, and orchard farms, to diverse wildlife. You can also ride though the world’s steepest railway, the Flam Railway and take a pleasure cruise down one of its many inlets, the Naeroyfjord known as one of the most beautiful, dramatic, and wildest fjords in Norway.

Don’t go to Norway and miss out on these fjord adventures, which are known as Norway’s greatest claim to scenic fame! The best way to see these sights are on a cruise, so contact our travel consultants today on 0800 368 9059 to discuss booking a cruise to Norway.